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St. Louis Rams training camp 2013: Wednesday open thread

The Rams wrap up open practices on Wednesday.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

This is it. Wednesday is the last day that the St. Louis Rams have an open practice for fans to attend. From here on out, the public will get its best glances at the team on game days. Speaking of games, there are only two more preseason games left: this Saturday in Denver and next Thursday against Baltimore.

Roster cuts are coming too. Here are the dates for those:

Tuesday, Aug. 27: From 90 to 75 players

Saturday, Sep. 1: From 75 to 53 players

The final 53-man roster will look a little different than the one the Rams turn in at the end of the day on Sep. 1, depending on whether or not they pick up any players released elsewhere.

The regular season is ALMOST HERE.

Now, back to practice. You can follow along right here.

As usual, our Twitter list of folks on the scene is embedded below so you can follow the action. If you're headed out there, plan to tweet and want to be on the list, hit us up @TurfShowTimes.