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Random Ramsdom, 08/2: Super-sized

The Latest Edition of the Most Read Love Links in the NFL

Dilip Vishwanat


In just over five days from now the St. Louis Rams will be kicking off their 2013 Preseason in Cleveland against the Browns. After a great off season, the fan base is energized and looking forward to preseason like never before. I'll be traveling that day, listening via satellite. I sure hope the Rams make the road trip more enjoyable! Hit the links to start your Friday off right.

The Dr. Is In

RC Cola will be taking over the St. Louis market as the official drink of the Rams. Maybe next we'll see Moon Pies at the Ed. The Chicago Bears also have a deal with the Dr. Pepper Snapple group, and have seen concession sales rise since undergoing their partnership. Expect to see Dr. Pepper brands as soon as Saturday at the Dome.

A Heisman Legend

Who was the last Ivy League player to win the Heisman Trophy? Dick Kazmaier, Princeton- Halfback- 1951. Dick passed away yesterday evening at the age of 82. While fans of professional football may have never heard his name, he was a legend in college football. Drafted by the Chicago Bears, Dick chose to pursue a lucrative career in business instead of the $5,000 a year average salary of a pro football player. College athletes of today are revered for their athletic ability, and often times skip their senior season to enter the NFL. This guy could have been a star. "I knew I could earn more money in business than I could in professional football," he said, "but there was more to it than that. I had achieved everything I could achieve as an individual and as part of a team. I felt there was nowhere to go but down."

Tebow Time

Ok, I know that everyone is sick of Tebow already and the season hasn't even begun. Here's a little number about how much time Timmy is spending at the quarterback position in camp. 99%

Orton Cup Check

No, not Kyle. Dare you not to laugh.

Most Scrutinized Players at Camp

Daryl Richardson makes this list. Who is on yours? Mine is Barrett Jones, mostly because of the injury. Foot problems in the NFL tend to linger. Let's hope that Jones stays healthy and brings some Alabama hurt to opposing teams. Bruce is in town baby. The Rams legend is spending time with Rams wide-outs teaching them the fine art of Brujitsu. Can I get an amen?! Torry Big Game Holt will be in town later on as well.

Jason La Canfora Believes!

Jason deems the NFC West the best division in the NFL. Enough said. I'm dropping the mike and going home.

Weekly RATM:

Have a great weekend and GO RAMS!