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Rams vs. Packers: The Quick Five

Do good things come to those who wait? I certainly hope so.

Dilip Vishwanat

Sure, sure, it's only preseason. You certainly can't fault the Rams for having some rust, but it's a little alarming to see just how rusty this team is. The game plan (or lack thereof) is easy enough to understand; you have all this new talent, but you don't want to show it off, not when the games are meaningless. That's understandable.

But dropped passes? Missed tackles? This team has had rampant issues with the both and they are quickly running out of time to fix them. These games don't matter, but in two weeks, they will. I doubt any other team in the NFC West will be willing to give the Rams a mulligan. On to week three, I suppose:

Sam Bradford: Bradford impressed me yet again. He wasn't as poised as he was last week- with a few miscues- but if the rest of the team can be given the excuse of 'rust', then I can forgive him for a play or two. That pass to Chris Givens? I'd get used to that. In fact, if the receivers didn't continually drop the ball (literally- sorry, bad pun) I'd go so far in my limited fantasy knowledge to say Bradford wouldn't be that terrible of a QB to pick.

Still, it's very reassuring to know that your starting quarterback is the least of your worries on offense. Bradford is capable of leading the team this year. Let's just hope the receivers work on, you know, doing their job.

Kellen Clemens: At least the Rams have one quarterback. Seriously, the Rams have nothing behind Sam Bradford. One week ago, Austin Davis underwhelmed. Last night, Kellen Clemens put on his best impression of what Bernie Kosar thinks of him.

Passes were errant, low, high- everywhere except where they should have been. If there was one way to describe the backups of this team on offense, it'd be exactly that: you can clearly tell they should not be starting.

Daryl Richardson: Can I have what he's having? Seriously, the guy runs with a spark. Case and point: right after Pead tries sprint around the right side of the line (and fails), Richardson made it look effortless. He's a lock for the starting job and if you don't think so, well, don't kid yourself.

Last year, I wasn't sure if he was an every down back- that idea is quickly starting to fade away.

Robert Quinn: Robert Quinn was put on Earth to do one thing: sack the quarterback many, many times. The sack he had on Rogers? He smoked the offensive line. I know there are unwritten business rules about being polite to the QB in the preseason, but boy, it was a beauty.

It was also good (and bad) to notice that Michael Brockers is already drawing double teams. More fun for Quinn and Long, I suppose.

Missed Tackles: I see Craig Dahl's ghost still lives in the building. The tackling overall was atrocious. It's so bad that Darian Stewart is likely out of a job because of it. That doesn't excuse anyone else, but you've got to be able to wrap up and bring them down.

Welcome to the first team Rodney McLeod.