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Random Ramsdom, 8/16: Pee Pee Pants, Kosar, and Olinguito

Click ahead for your daily dose of the most read love links on the web. You might just spit your coffee out.

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Jamie Squire


Tomorrow the Rams will square off against the Acme Packing Company in week two of the 2013 NFL preseason. While you may read many articles on this site directly related to the game on Saturday, this is not one of them. This is your place to disengage from the seriousness of the position battles, nervousness over injuries to your favorite players, and a distraction from whatever honey-do's you've got waiting for you this weekend. So sit back, strap in, and enjoy your links!

Foosball: Chris Long Makes a Kid Wet Himself

The newest marketing campaign by the St. Louis Rams is titled, More Game Than Ever. Love, love this one with Chris Long. Sam Bradford's vid is up on the site, but wasn't working as of this writing.

HGH Today or How can we legitimize the use of PED's through case studies?

You're either on the side of PED's or not. The issue is so polarizing, but the time for a real conversation about the validity of PED's for use in recovery from injury is now. The NFL is distancing itself from a study requested by the players union which would help establish a baseline for violation sake, but they can only hold off for so long before the public gets on the side of the players. Anyone remember a certain NFL champion and deer antler spray?

Madden 25

Is Madden your thing? As a 34 year old man, I grew up with Super Techmo Bowl, Joe Montana's Football, and finally the Madden series. Click above and listen to some sneak peek info about the newest release of the world's most played video game franchise.

Packer Hacker

If you aren't interested in what's going on over in Wisconsin this week, you probably should close your browser and flip on over to the OWN. How did practice go this week for the Acme Packing Company?

D-Rich in Denver

Our very own bowling ball Daryl Richardson is getting copy even in Denver Colorado. I see D-Rich getting the bulk of the carries and lots of yards this year, nothing new there. If Isaiah Pead doesn't spoil the party, Richardson could even make it as a second string Pro-Bowler in his second season.

Bernie, Oh Bernie.....

While some people have class, others don't.


Man in a Hat

While most doctors would steer you clear of smoking and daily drinking, studies of centenarians regularly show that those who live the longest smoke and drink. So go out and buy a carton of cowboy killers and a case of Jim Beam, you deserve it! *The above is not an endorsement of risky behavior, and is the opinion of the author, not TurfShowTimes. The author is not a doctor, and will laugh at you if you seriously blame him for your rampant alcoholism and cigarette habit.*

Coming Out With Tom Brady

There's been a lot of talk lately of homosexual players in the NFL. Here's something about the WWE. I would probably be willing to bet that this is the only article ever written to feature the "coming out" of a professional athlete and Tom Brady in the headline. Personally this is one of those issues I wish we could just move past in sports. After all, who really cares who is what once the ball is kicked off on Sunday? Our society is ready for people to be who they are without discrimination!

Olinguito Pretty soon your little kids will be begging you for the latest Olinguito stuffed animal for their collection. Who wants to bet these cute cuddly guys end up in the latest Madagascar flick?

Weekly RATM:

Have a great weekend, and GO RAMS!!!!