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Random Ramsdom: St. Louis Rams News, Jo-Lonn Dunbar, & Fantasy Football Rankings

In three weeks the NFL season will officially kick off. The list of injuries, rumors, and suspensions continues to grow as the season nears…

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Doug Pensinger

Before we get into all the silly offseason football nonsense, I think it’s pertinent that all of today’s readers take a moment to reflect on what August 15th is truly about… today is Angel Food Cake and Lemon Meringue Pie Day. Mmm MMM! It’s also Best Friends Day and National Failure’s Day. That’s right… August 15th is a day when you realize you have no friends, you’ve let someone down, and your only outlet is delicious baked goodies. Smoothly transitioning back to football, Rokevious Watkins is still vying for a spot on the Kansas City Chiefs.

Elsewhere in the great state of Missouri, Rams news is multiplying like a Mogwai who swung by Taco Bell for Fourth Meal…

Jo-Lunn Dunbar To Sit Out the Home Opener…And Then Some: ESPN

Isiah Pead and the aforementioned Left Guard [Watkins] were already slated as Rams you weren’t expecting to see on September 8th, when the Rams open their season against the Arizona Cardinals. You can add another player - a more impactful player - to that list. Jo-Lonn Dunbar took some stuff. He’s sorry. Here’s lookin’ at you, depth!

It’s Throwback Thursday!: Sports Illustrated

Everyone’s got their opinion on how the Rams should look. Every fan associates the "good ‘ol days" with a momentous occasion throughout their years of fandom. Whether it’s the old school LA blue and whites, the Super Bowl XXXIV blue and yellows, or the current color scheme of blue and gold, every fan has their take. So does Exec. VP, Kevin Demoff. What’s in store?

Eleven "Sleepers" Heading Into The 2013 Season [Fantasy]:

Adam Rank highlights eleven of the upcoming season’s "sleeper" picks [for fantasy football]. Regardless of whether you venture into fantasy territory or not, his proclamations speak volumes to a player’s propensity to ‘break out.’ He’s got Chris Givens in his sights, with Daryl Richardson as an honorable mention. It won’t be long before "sleeper" is replaced with "stud".

A Dozen NFL Rookies Primed To Impress In 2013:

Chris Wesseling was not impressed with Rank’s inability to hit an even number in his fantasy piece. Coming back to reality, though, Wesseling incorporated twitter to highlight twelve rookies who are primed to make a name for themselves in 2013. For the second consecutive piece, Tavon Austin isn’t the answer. Where am I?

Ten Storylines & A Closer Look At the Seattle Seahawks: CBS Sports

I believe Rage Against the Machine said it best…Know Your Enemy. As much as you may dislike them, there’s nothing wrong with familiarizing yourself with the "haps" in Seattle. The Rams will have to see them twice [as always] this year. The article is sparse on Rams mentions. There is, however, a note on Bradford ….my bad, that’s Allen Bradford.  

Hop On The Band-Wagoner - If you’re not excited that Nick Wagoner has been hired by ESPN, I’m not sure what to tell you. I’d like to shake the man’s hand. Without further ado, and in addition to an article I already referenced, here are two more very welcomed Rams reads…

Lance Kendricks Is A Welcomed Addition To The Rams Offense: ESPN

I’ll admit - and feel free to open the discussion in the comments section below - I’m finding it hard to see how successful Kendricks can be in this offense. Having him healthy is great for the team. To date, though, he hasn’t realized his full potential…which isn’t his fault. He’s been asked support the O-line more often than asked to challenge the opposition’s LB’s and Safeties downfield. With all the new weapons, though, I’ve got to wonder if he’ll be able to replicate another 500+ yard season. It appears I’m alone…

The Rams Offense Looks Vanilla: ESPN

It’s not news, and no one is expecting much more. While the Browns are celebrating a [Preseason] Week 1 victory, the Rams will stick to their gameplan without worry. Head Coach Jeff Fisher announced - before the game - that [in fairness to the players] the team would run a simpler offense. It doesn’t appear that the team intends on showing off it’s tricks any time soon. You trust in Jeff Fisher, and therefore you don’t care. Good for you…

Former NFL Players Being Used As Guinea Pigs: USA Today

Dozens of former NFL players will be administered human growth hormone as the NFL and its players union try to determine the impact of use on players' HGH levels, three people with knowledge of the plan told USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday.

Quick Takes On Each of the NFL’s 32 Teams After Preseason Week 1: Pro Football Focus

With 90 players trying their damnedest to make an NFL roster, there are certainly plenty of folks to keep your eye on. Could your team have found a "gem"? There was one player who stood out to PFF in last week’s matchup against the Browns…

A Blast From the Past…The 10th Anniversary of Not-So-Great QB’s [via Football Outsiders]

What’s With All The Injuries?: National Football Post

As a Rams’ fan, you might want to find solace in the fact that Jo-Lonn Dunbar will miss only four games…and although not of his own volition, he’ll be healthy when called upon. Many other teams are losing some of their best players to season-ending injury during the offseason. What gives?

The Rams Let A Defensive Back Slip Away: MMQB

Nah, not really. Did you know that Titus Young told Rams’ Head Coach, Jeff Fisher, that he wanted to play DB? I’ll admit, I was initially excited at the prospect of Young as a receiving threat. He was, however, cut before I could ever make a prognostication regarding his 2013 stat-lines. Having been cut caught the Rams WR…err…DB by surprise.

WIRED -- Jared Cook Helmet Cam [Video]: St. Louis Rams Official Site

Get inside the helmet of one of the NFL’s Top-10 Tight Ends in 2013. Yeah, I sad it…

Ten Bold Predictions For the NFC West: Football Nation

Tavon Austin puts up 1,400+ total yards, Sam Bradford easily eclipses 4,000, and the Rams make the playoffs. There are 10 bold predictions for the NFC West, and the Rams just owned three very awesome ones…

The Preseason’s Stock Up, Stock Down, MVP Contenders: SB Nation

You won’t find any Rams in the short list[s], but you will find a few of their NFC West opponents. I’ll admit that I’m not surprised Tyrann Mathieu is having a good preseason. Potential was never his issue. One of the 49ers’ sophomores is still struggling to impess…and a former-Titan is turning heads…without punching them.

What The Return Of Lance Kendricks Means For The Rams: Ramblin’ Fan

It may be a few more weeks until we see the Rams’ TE in action, but word of his return is welcomed news. Two-TE sets have become somewhat of a fad as of late. With an improved O-Line, is it possible that the Rams finally realize the return on their 2011 2nd round pick?

A First-Hand Perspective From Rams’ Practice This Week: Rams 101

The rain can’t keep the finest of Rams’ fans away. Brent Lancaster - of Rams 101 - provided some great insight on the Rams’ practice earlier this week. Whether it’s news on rookies, emerging stars, veterans working with youngsters, or how one player makes another better, Brent’s got you covered.

Are the 49ers Reigning Champs If Alex Smith Started the Super Bowl?: Rant Sports

Moot point. Re: Jo-Lonn Dunbar

Don’t Get Too Attached…Heads Are About To Roll: Rant Sports

By Aug. 27th, every NFL team will have to reduce it’s roster to 75 players. That being said - and with less than two weeks remaining - it’s probably time to start pointing the finger. Rant Sports kicks it off…

You’ve Got Three Weeks, Alec Ogltree: Bleacher Report

It wasn’t long into the Rams’ first preseason game that the critics amassed. Specifically - for rookie OLB, Alec Ogletree - that time came in the team’s first defensive series. Ogletree looked as if his feet were cemented to the playing field. Matt Miller breaks down the play for you… along with four other probable Week 1 rookie starters.

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