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Random Ramsdom: The Dome Opens

Saturday will mark the first time the dome is open for a Rams game this year (excluding the scrimmage of course). St. Louis will play host to the Green Bay Packers in the second of four preseason games. What will this game reveal about this years Rams team?

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Matt Sullivan

Fans and media alike seem split on how to properly evaluate preseason performances. It's difficult because you never know what the coaching staff is truly trying to accomplish on each down. In last weeks game against the Browns, the Rams looked far from a finished product; however, it was obvious the offensive and defensive play calls were not oriented towards winning a preseason game. The calls were made to help the coaches showcase their players and properly evaluate their performances. In this weeks game against Green Bay, which players will shine and which will fall behind?

On to the news...

Why Daryl Richardson is more than just a 3rd down back...

Last year, it appeared that even if Steven Jackson were to leave, Daryl Richardson was likely to assume the role of 3rd down back. He fit the role. Richardson is a small and shifty outside runner that has a speed element to his game. The thing is, Richardson has earned a larger role than that this year, and if he goes uncontested for carries, he will likely assume the full role of a #1 back.

Why the St. Louis rams will shock the NFL in 2013-2014

This is a great read with a little bit different of a perspective. The high-points are certainly all of the things Rams fans are banking on. One thing's for sure, the Rams will likely be a much better team in week 17 than in week 1.

Kroenke makes a surprise visit to camp

The often 'heard but not seen' majority owner of the Rams franchise made a surprise visit to practice on Tuesday. The practice was closed to the public, so Mr. Kroenke must know a guy.

5 NFL veterans who won't make Rams roster

This is a pretty safe list. I'm not sure I disagree with any of the choices. You could take it a step further and challenge that even players like Will Witherspoon, Josh Hull, or Kellen Clemens are no lock to make the 53.

NFL closer to HGH testing

With the short half-life that HGH has in a players system, testing will likely make little to no difference in a players decision to use the substance. As Victor Conte once said, drug testing is really just IQ testing.

Cardinals Ryan Williams undergoes PRP therapy and Sydney Rice goes to Switzerland for treatment

With all the outrage and grandstanding in the media these in regards to performance enhancing drugs there seems to be a gross double standard. HGH and steroids have been singled-out as horrific drugs that turn players into evil hulks that deserve to be locked away from children. Meanwhile, players are heralded and applauded for these experimental therapy's that provide many of the same benefits as HGH and steroids. Sure, many players are seeking these treatments to stay healthy, but that is also why many seek the advantages of illegal PED treatments. At the end of the day, it will be impossible to prevent modern science from penetrating sports. Leagues, the media, and fans will not be able to stop the progress that medical advancement creates. You cannot force a player to abstain from treatments and drugs that the local mailman might be able to receive in 5-10 years. At the very least, it is not a black and white issue anymore.

NFL bans custom facemasks

The NFL has always been very strict in regards to player-expression. This is just another ruling in a long line of trends that seem aimed at keeping the game as much about football as possible. I'm not sure where I land on the issue, but I understand it completely. What are your thoughts?

Stay classy Rams fans.