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Peter King goes after Bernie Kosar on Twitter

Mr. Positive is offended.

Scott Halleran

Peter King joined the cavalcade of football folks responding to the in-game comments made by Bernie Kosar during Thursday's game between the Browns and Rams. Nestled in the back of his billboard-slash-motorhome, King hacked out a few 140-character finger wags in between camp stops in St. Louis and Kansas City.

Not to pick on King here, but you can just turn on location services and leave out the dateline in a tweet. BUT, man, for King to ask the "were you drinking" question ... you know Kosar's remarks were over the top.

That's a good point he makes on the concussions issue. Why do the Browns have this guy on the air if he can't handle it? It's not like his track record in broadcasting is spotless.

Perhaps King can get Kosar, Clemens and Fisher to sit down and talk it out over a nice glass of Alagash White, or Starbucks for Kosar.