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Turf Show Radio: Tonight, August 10, 9pm ET

The Rams dropped their preseason opener leaving much to build on. Van and 3k recap the loss to the Browns and look ahead to next weekend when the Rams will welcome the Green Bay Packers.

Brian Bahr


First, a haiku for the return of football:

We waited so long...

To my non-football people:

See you guys next spring.

Football's back, and so is Turf Show Radio. We go live tonight at 9pm ET, and we'd be ever so pleased to hear from you.

All you have to do is call (347) 857-1022, and we'll bring you in. There's two places to comment along as the show rambles along -- here in this open thread or over at the show page. We'll answer any questions you guys have, so let us know what's on your mind.

Of course we'll talk about the Browns game, who met the bar and whose stock is slipping. We'll probably send some shots across the bow toward the other games across the league. And of course we'll talk about the Rams' second preseason game, their first at home, against the Packers next Saturday.

So holler at us. It's a better show when we hear from yall...believe me.