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Let's help the 49ers remember the Rams forever

The 49ers are selling memorial bricks for their new stadium, which sounds like the perfect way to remind them about the team they haven't beaten in more than 550 days.

The 49ers are getting a new home. As Rams fans, we have the opportunity to be a part of San Francisco Santa Clara and Niners history forever and ever thanks to one of those memorial brick scams. So let's give the rival 49ers a little housewarming present in the form of some masonry-based trolling.

(h/t to the irreplaceable Sergey Konyshev for the idea here.)

Here's the info about buying a brick on the Levi's Stadium Fan Walk /makes hand wanking motion accompanied by fart noise.

I'd normally be against this kind of thing. But the chance to leave a semi-permanent mark on the Niners is just too good to pass up.

So anyway, dip into your wallet, pull out the plastic and get your troll on!

Some suggestions to help you get started:

- Tony Softli could have been your GM

- Jim Harbaugh, the crazy one

- Chris Long says hello Niners fans

- Go Dolphins!

- The pistol is a fad

- 554 days and counting

- Joe Montana, Kansas City Chiefs

If you could put GIFs on the bricks, I'd totally pony up for this one ...


What else do you suggest?