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What Does ESPN's "Jaws" Think of Sam Bradford?

Where does Rams QB Sam Bradford rank on Ron "Jaws" Jaworski's list?


Yesterday, Ron Jaworski - more commonly known as Jaws - was on ESPN's NFL 32 show continuing his countdown of the 32 NFL starting QB's, and he ranked St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford.

Where did Jaws rank Bradford? 22nd out of 32, which is two spots lower than his disappointing 2011 season. However rankings are meaningless, the most information to gather from Jaws is what he thinks about Bradford. The fine folks over at, have the Bradford discussion transcribed for us.

Jaws : Bradford has underrated movement. He can get out of the pocket and use his legs to find room to throw...and he's always been effective off boot action.

The bottom line is that Bradford has the throwing skill set to be a top 10 passer in this league.

That's what Ram fans want to hear after watching Bradford's last three seasons end, with the offense being average at best. The passing game was a mess, so hearing Jaws say the Oklahoma phenom the Rams put all their money and draft resources into in the 2010 draft is a good sign.

Here's where it gets ugly.

Jaws: What are the concerns when I study Bradford? 'A lack of efficiency in the red zone.. too many interceptions and it's a red zone game. You can't be a high level QB if you can't execute there. Bradford, at times, still struggles with basic blitz concepts that a player with his experience level should understand.
(Video shown of Viking left DE down in 3 pt stance dropping back in zone defense over middle. Bradford throws a slant pattern over middle not seeing the dropping D lineman .)

Jaws: Bradford must eliminate the mistakes that diminish the impact of his ability.

It's hard to argue with Jaws concerns on Bradford. This season, the Rams red zone offense should be a little better, with veterans Austin Pettis and Lance Kendricks being familiar red zone targets. The UWV duo of Stedman Bailey and Tavon Austin could be used inside the 20 yard line too. The Rams will be hoping 2nd year wide-out Brian Quick, and veteran tight end Jared Cook will be factors in the red zone.

For those who want to watch Jaws breaking down Bradford, its provided below. Thanks to Jimi for providing the footage.