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St. Louis Rams Training Camp: July 31st

Quick recap of what went down at Rams camp today.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams held their second straight padded practice today. The team focused on a couple of things today that are key factors in the offense improving their production; the red zone and against the blitz.

But it may not be going so well.

It's early in camp, so it's not time to read into this much, but both will be very important to watch for when the Rams play their pre-season games.

Zac Stacy may have found himself a new nickname.

I think Rams Nation can find a much better nickname for our new power back. In time, it will come.Quick recap of what went down at Rams camp today.

The rookie has also impressed many fans in pads these last two practices.

NFL Network was in the house on their tour around all the NFL Training Camps. Hopefully they got some nice B-roll of Tavon Austin, being Tavon Austin.

Our friend Ramsherd chimed in with a key observation.

I think the offense may have many plays designed to get Sam Bradford some easy throws. The offense has some speed and guys who can get YAC now. I expect they will try to use that to their advantage quite often in 2013.

Nick Johnson sat out practice with a left leg injury. These fringe players need all the time they can get in practice. Hopefully he can get back out there soon.

Brain Quick may just have the highlight of training camp. He completely embarrassed Janoris Jenkins on this double move.

Just filthy.

And finally, what's a day of Rams camp without Smack Cam?

The Rams also have camp tomorrow night at 5:30. Let us know if you are attending and will be tweeting so we may add you to our Twitter list!