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Rams sign OL Graham Pocic

The Rams have bolstered their interior line with the signing of rookie OL Graham Pocic.

Andy Lyons

One of the unsung battles going on in camp is the settling of an interior offensive line. While it's assumed that Scott Wells and Harvey Dahl are in position to hold the center and right guard positions, I don't know that it would make sense to put money on the middle three at this point.

With Barrett Jones, Chris Williams and Shelley Smith all in contention across the interior, things got a bit more clogged today when the Rams signed Illinois interior mainstay Graham Pocic.

Pocic was a pillar in the middle of the Illini's offensive line for years, and even logged some time at right tackle last season. It's not the splashiest pick, but it brings plenty of experience to the Rams' rookie class. It also puts the Rams at the 90-man limit...for the moment.

Pocic lost his TST virginity two and a half years ago in a bowl watch piece from yours truly in the Texas Bowl when Illinois took on Baylor (hey, that 5th round RGIII prospect could pan out - ya never know!). Into last year's opening, I had Pocic and the Dallas Cowboys' 1st round selection of Travis Frederick as B1G linemen for Rams fans to check out. My last mention of Pocic was in an early open thread where I said this:

As for West Virginia, QB Geno Smith is going to get the bulk of the focus. For Rams fans, check out WR Tavon Austin. He's a true playmaker that can function in different offensive roles thanks to his quickness and athleticism. WR Stedman Bailey is worth some time as well.

Join me and the rest of the TST Saturday crew this year, people.

In the meantime, Pocic has made the leap from a glimmer in Brandon Birkhead's eye to an inked contract with the Rams.