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St. Louis Rams Training Camp Report: July 27

Recapping yesterday's activities.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

One of the good things about being a Rams fan from afar is being outside the bubble. That's hard to remember during training camp when I'd rather be with fellow fans soaking in the early returns on a team remade.

So while we've got plenty of TSTers and friends thereof at Rams Park, here's the outsider's recap of yesterday's events:

- First off, there's obviously more support for the Rams this year than in previous years. It's palpable, so hearing this doesn't surprise me at all:

That's significant. And it's not just about putting talent on the roster - the front office is making the Rams a more attractive option for your TIME. Good wrap-up on just that from JT here...since he was apparently he only member of the media to ask Jeff Fisher any questions.

- Injuries are a big deal. Already, yesterday as the Eagles lost WR Jeremy Maclin for the year as well as the Ravens' loss of TE Dennis Pitta. For a team as young as the Rams are and depending on untested UDFAs to fill out the depth chart, injuries are a much bigger vulnerability for the Rams than some other teams.

So when this happened, much of Rams Nation was watching with baited breath:

Pead would be fine (didn't have to even head to the training room, apparently), but observations differed. Our own Brandon Birkhead offered that he wouldn't be surprised to see Pead cut, while others thought he just didn't impress. That can happen on any day to a lot of players, so don't read too much into it. Recency factor and all. With a one-game suspension looming, there may be a preseason battle between Daryl Richardson and Zac Stacy for the starting nod to open the schedule.

- Tavon Austin is very quick and very fast. It is hard not to notice.

- One of the players I getting talked up all over the place was local Lindenwood University grad WR Andrew Helmick. Camp is camp and all, but I've seen him pop up consistently, and he's already earned the necessary Caucasian Qualifier, per NFL law:

- I'm not reading too much into the defensive tweets and reports. Your front seven has to let up physically to not hurt anyone and the secondary is going to be extra grabby, since any notional flags that may exist don't really matter. I saw somewhere that Fisher mentioned that he was unenthused by the handsiness of the D, but what can you do? Most of those guys are fighting for their jobs. If a little tug on the hip goes unnoticed and the coaches instead see a good, clean play...again, I'm not reading too much into the defensive stuff.