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Jeff Fisher on the Rams' offense: 'First and foremost we have to run the football'

Was there every any doubt?


Still wondering what the St. Louis Rams' offense might look like this season? Spread formations. Offensive weapons in the backfield. Deep balls. Yep, Brian Schottenheimer's playbook this season will have it all. But don't forget about the running game.

The defense got much of the attention at Friday's practice, but head coach Jeff Fisher dished on the offense too.

"Our goal, as we said, is to increase scoring and keep the defense off the field and put drives together, but first and foremost we have to run the football," Fisher said.

Sure, the Rams are going to have plenty for Bradford and the receivers to do, but don't forget who the head coach is here. Fisher's teams can look a little different from year to year, from Steve McNair to Vince Young to Kerry Collins. But the common thread running through them all was an emphasis on the run.

No wonder the running back battle is such a draw in camp this year.

This week the pads go on, and the jostling for position between Daryl Richardson, Isaiah Pead, Zac Stacy and a host of other comers will begin in earnest.

"It's hard to evaluate your run game without pads and we're a couple days away from that," Fisher said. "We'll be able to start pushing the run game a little bit."

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