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Random Ramsdom for Friday 7/26/2013: 40 Days, Dicky and Cheetahs

Good Morning Rams Nation. Scroll down for your daily edition of Random Ramsdom



It seems like just a few weeks ago that I posted a 90 day countdown to the 2013 NFL season. Now we are down to just 40 days. 40 days holds quite a significance in history. For 40 days and nights Noah sailed the flooded earth in an big ole boat filled to capacity with duos of fine and furry friends. For 40 days Jesus roamed the Earth after rising from the dead. The Egyptians eulogized their dead for 40 days. Astronomers and Astro-physicists use a 40 day cycle to track solar years within + or - 2.25 seconds. Malt Liquor comes in 40 oz bottles. You can even get 40 days of yoga for $40! What does this all mean for the St. Louis Rams? Absolutely nothing. But hey, maybe you learned something.

In case you missed it, we have a Fan's Guide to Camp here on TST. I cannot emphasize the need to bring water. It's hot baby!

How about a blast from the past? Old Dicky was a unique guy wasn't he?

Head Coach Jeff Fisher addressed the media after practice last night. The presser covered a variety of Rams news. Give it a listen. I love how blunt Fisher is about Rok Watkins. That attitude is why the Rams are becoming a take no prisoners team. Over 1700 fans turned out to witness the first full squad practice.

Offensive speed was on display yesterday at camp. No surprise here, the burners were turned on by Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey.

Some Tweets from camp:

In Other News Detroit Rock City- Watch Detroit deteriorate, one decade at a time.

Crazy People With Wild Animals- Seriously watch the one about the Cheetah Lady. Insane. I'll stay my happy arse in the safari vehicle thank you.

Weekly RATM:

Have a great weekend Rams Nation!