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Tavon Austin used to be called 'Dirty Dunn'

The St. Louis Rams receiver used to be a running back, and he had the perfect nickname to match.


You've heard all about Tavon Austin's "cousins." The world is well versed in what he did to the Oklahoma Sooners defense with as both a running back and receiver. And everybody knows that the former Wet Virginia Mountaineer was coveted by the St. Louis Rams in the lead up to the 2013 NFL Draft. But there's something you didn't know about speeding bullet.

He used to be called "Dirty Dunn," in honor of Warrick Dunn, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back and Austin's spiritual heir as an smallish NFL offensive weapon.

Austin was on 101 ESPN on Wednesday talking about his past life as a running back. He wore No. 28 in high school, same as Dunn, which is where he got the nickname.

Dunn was a smallish running back, a dual threat who ran the ball and caught passes for the Buccaneers and later the Atlanta Falcons. The script is reversed for Austin, a wide receiver who will be doing some work as a running back. Dunn was listed as 5'9, 180 pounds. Austin is listed at 5'8, 174 pounds.

Embedded below is Austin's interview with 101 ESPN. Give it a listen.