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2013 St. Louis Rams Roster: Specialist

Taking at look at the men who will be working 4th downs this year.

Dilip Vishwanat

Kickers are weird people. They sit around all day on the bench to only go into the game in high pressure situations, where you get no credit for your success, and all the blame for your failures. Who wants to do that?

Punters are even stranger. They sit around and then go into the game and kick, but they don't get to score points like kickers. Granted there is less pressure, but they must also play defense after kicking, which leaves open the opportunity to get embarrassed by Tavon Austin. Only crazy people do this.

And let's not get into long snappers. They are insane.

Greg Zuerlein

He has the strongest leg I have ever seen. The sound that ball makes is so pure when he strikes it.

He kicked the Rams' longest field goal with a 60 yarder last season, which was also the longest for an NFL rookie ever. He was the first player to hit two FGs longer than 58 yards in one game.

He hit his first 14 FGs for the Rams, and it seemed he would never miss. He hit a bit of a rut and finished the year 23/31. It should be noted that 6 of his missed came from beyond 50 yards, and he set the NFL record for most attempts beyond 50 with 13.

The Rams have a real weapon with Zuerlein. He going to be steal a lot of points for the Rams this year.

Johnny Hekker

He averaged over 45 yards per punt, with almost 40 net yards. Good rookie year for sure.

He also has a great arm, and completed 3 passes for 42 yards, one being a touchdown to Danny Amendola. He has a perfect QB rating.

Hekker is a very funny person. His twitter account is a must follow, and his work with Dude Perfect was amazing.

Jack McQuaide

The Rams signed McQuaide to an extension recently. I can only remember one bad snap from him ever. Looks like he will be staying in horns for a long time.

This gives the Rams two gingers on special teams. Insert all soulless jokes here.

The Rest

The Rams are in great shape with kicker, making Brett Baer a literal camp leg. At least he will get paid some money, and be able to kick some in pre-season games.

The backup long snapper is Jorgen Hus. He played college football in Canada for Regina, who are also the Rams. He also has a decent trick shot video. Hopefully this guy can find a home somewhere in the NFL or the CFL.