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Tavon Austin lost track of how much he time he spent studying the playbook

It was a busy offseason for Tavon Austin, but he got his homework done.

David Welker

How much time did St. Louis Rams rookie phenomenon Tavon Austin, unofficially classified as an offensive weapon, spend studying the playbook this summer? Well, he's not entirely sure.

"I'm not gonna say I went every day, but at least when I did go, I went for about an hour and a half a day, just reading over the plays and watching some of our film.

"So, about an hour and a half a day."

Wait, something doesn't add up. The point is, he studied the thing, and spent some time working with Sam Bradford on the finer points of it. He also spent some time with Stedman Bailey studying while the two were in Florida working out this summer.

An hour and a half here and there adds up ... to about an hour and a half a day ... or something like that.

Here's the complete transcript of Austin's remarks after practice on Monday.

(On his summer break)
"Summer break was pretty good. I worked hard. I was training down in Miami with a couple of the fellas. Brandon Marshall, Antonio Brown, Stedman (Bailey), of course. It went pretty well."

(On his sessions with QB Sam Bradford during his football camp in Oklahoma)
"They went well. He made us do a two-a-day. I wasn't used to this back in college, but we did a two-a-day. I only was there for two days. I had to go back home. But for the most part, everything went well, and we got some good work in."

(On if there was a lot of excitement getting on the field for the first day of camp)
"Yeah, definitely. You know that's one thing I love to do, pretty much speaks for itself, my energy level out there. It just feels good to be back out here with all the brothers and hopefully we can get something going on."

(On the difficulty of picking up the NFL offense)
"In the beginning, it was kind of different, just because at West Virginia, I did all signals, and now they're just heard. It was kind of hard, but I'm definitely getting it. It's slowing down for me a little bit, so I'm definitely getting it."

(On if the playbook changed since OTA's)
It's pretty much the same. From OTA's to now, it's pretty much the same. It's just repetition and getting it down packed."

(On how often he studied the playbook during the summer break)
"I'm not gonna say I went every day, but at least when I did go, I went for about an hour and a half a day, just reading over the plays and watching some of our film. So, about an hour and a half a day."

(On if it helps to learn plays together with WR Stedman Bailey)
"Yeah, I think so, just because we're roommates. We definitely quiz each other while we're in there, and that's one thing we do. For the most part, I think it's a blessing that Stedman came with me. We can definitely learn together."

(On if it is exciting and beneficial to have Bailey on the field with him during his rookie season)
"I definitely think it can help, but at the same time, it's all dependent on the quarterback and the wide receivers. I'm thankful that Stedman came to play with me for another couple more years, and hopefully we'll play our whole careers together. I definitely was happy when it did happen. I was in St. Louis at the time visiting, and then they called his name, and everybody was happy for him."

(On Head Coach Jeff Fisher's message for the day)
"Pretty much to go ahead and work hard. The main thing is he's trying to get us caught up with the vets for when they come back, get everything back in motion. That's what we're doing right now."

(On how it feels that there's no learning curve for a player in his position who will be needed immediately)
"That's just something I try not to think about, to be honest. I know I'm not Superman, but I come in and try to do my part. That's the only thing I can do. Whatever the coaches ask me to do, I can come in and do my part and hopefully it just goes from there."