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Sam Bradford talks about the Rams 2013 season, wide receivers

The St. Louis Rams quarterback made an appearance on the Rich Eisen podcast this week. Here are the highlights.


St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford made an appearance on the latest edition of the Rich Eisen Podcastthis week. With just a few days to go until practice starts up again, the fourth-year quarterback was noticeably excited to get back to work.

Bradford had some positive things to say about his season and where the Rams were headed.

"If you polled most people and asked them who had the best record in the NFC West, probably very few people would have said us. I think that just shows our potential and what we're capable of."

Talk about bulletin board fodder. You can bet that these guys get reminded regularly about how well the Rams performed in the division last year, a positive sign for things ahead if there ever was one.

On his challenge for 2013:

"I just need to be more consistent, week to week, quarter to quarter. When our offense struggling, I need to find completions."

Here he is dishing about that guy named Tavon Austin:

"It's been really exciting working with Tavon. I think he's going to be a very special player. He's extremely fast, very quick. He can do a lot of things. He's not just a slot receiver. Because of his speed you can put him outside. I look for him to line up all over the field."

And Bradford would know because he's already spent some quality time with Austin in both OTAs and the workout the players held in Oklahoma this month. Austin told us the same thing in May at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere. Oh, the backfield too, remember.

Speaking of the receivers, I thought what Bradford said about Austin Pettis was interesting.

"The veteran is Austin Pettis, and he's going into his third year. He showed a lot of maturity from his first year. It's been impressive to watch his growth and take over that room."

Bradford had a lot more to say, so definitely be sure to hop over there and listen to it.

At the end of his segment, Eisen pressed him for a prediction. He started broadly and then reduced it down to asking if Bradford would guarantee a couple wins over the Niners.

The quarterback was having none of it.

"I can't do that because it kind of goes back to those headlines we were talking about. I guarantee we're going to play hard."

Sounds like a positive place to start.