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Kevin Demoff Talks Offense, Sam Bradford, Uniforms, and More

Kevin Demoff took time out of his day to answer questions about the St. Louis Rams.

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The St. Louis Rams have been working to improve not only on the field, but with their fans as well. Along those lines, the Rams COO Kevin Demoff talked about the team with Rams forum

Demoff recently he talked with the members of the Ramsondemand, providing answers to their many questions. Let's look at a couple of questions that were asked of Demoff.

Here's a question about Brian Quick.

Nighttrain: In particular, how much will we we see Brian Quick & how is he doing in his transformation into an NFL wide receiver, thank you.

Kevin D: Brian Quick has had a very strong offseason and we're excited about his progress. I know a lot was made that he was supposedly the "4th receiver" but I don't know how that story got legs and took on a life of its own. One of the most exciting things during OTA's and the offseason was to watch the offense open up and use all of the weapons, and Brian really presents some matchup problems outside with his height and speed. The goal this year is for Sam to be able to throw to the "open" player, and I expect that we will get meaningful contributions from all 5 WR's, the 2 TE's and the running backs. I think you could see this offense resemble an offense like the Saints where you have 4 or 5 players catch 40-50 balls but nobody who catches 70 or 80. I'm not saying that we are the Saints offense, we need to improve to become that, but more that style where anybody can be a threat on any play. I think that is where we are evolving, letting the down, distance, scheme and coverage dictate who becomes the targeted player.

There is nothing that should hold Brian back from reaching his potential. He's a hard worker, he's diligent about getting better and he's determined to be a featured member of our offense. What has been great to see this offseason is the receivers all pushing one another to get better, they see the talent and they all want to become more involved. It will be fascinating to see how it develops over the next few months, and I can only envision what we can be in the next few years.

Not only does Demoff say the story about Quick being the 4th guy isn't a big deal, but he even gives insight into the Rams plans for their offense. He said what many people have been thinking about the wide receivers, and that we might not have a player who catches 80+ passes. Wouldn't four people who each catch 40-50 balls be better?

Next up, is a question about Sam Bradford:

Dr Ram: I know this is late, and if you don't get a chance to answer it, that's totally cool, because you have been more than generous with your answers and time.

How does the front office view Bradford as the leader, or "face" of the franchise?

There seems to be polar reactions to Bradford, but I don't get it, personally. He has elite arm talent, he is everything you want as an ambassador of your team and community, and to be frank, he hasn't had a lot of stability around him--in any way, whether it be staff or players, but that has changed thanks to you, Kronk, Snead, and Fish.

Post script. I guess that is one of the reasons why this forum is so awesome, that nobody grilled you about Bradford.

Kevin D: Happy to answer this question.

To me, the simplest way to evaluate your quarterback is do they give your team a chance to win every year. Sam has been our quarterback for three years. In two of those years, he started 16 games and in those years, we were eliminated in Week 17 and Week 16 from the playoff race. In the three most recent years without Sam starting 16 games, we won 3, 2 and 1 games. Sam won more games in both 2010 and 2012 that we did in 2008, 2009 and 2011 combined.

We also improved by 6 games and by 5.5 games (in 2012, not only did we face the toughest schedule in the NFL but we also played the toughest combined scoring defense in the NFL if you look at the 16 defenses we played).

Our players believe in Sam, our coaches believe in Sam and our staff believes in Sam. I understand the "win now" narrative in the NFL and the fact that younger QB's have had "success" quicker, but without seeing how any of them would have fared given the circumstances Sam faced, I think the comparisons are baseless and without merit. Don't blame Sam for the organization's struggles, blame those of us, myself included.

Couple this with the team saying this isn't a make or break year for Bradford, and you know - for the foreseeable future - the Rams won't release Bradford. In fact, I predict the Rams will give Bradford an extension next season.

Next, wait, a hurry up offense?

Bwdenverram: Given the new "toys" Sam has to throw to, do you think the new offensive philosophy is one closer to a spread offense Sam ran in college or is it really just about adjusting the offense to the skill sets of the players themselves?

Note of thanks KD for all that you and the Rams front office have done to build this team. All of us RAMS fans are so excited for the season and the future of the team!

Kevin D: I think it is a little bit of both. Our coaches noticed that we were more effective in the hurry up/spread concepts a year ago and that not only did we make more plays but we were able to dictate the tempo more and neutralize the pass rush. We now have the personnel to match that style on offense with an offense that can can multiple tight ends, empty backfields and different personnel combinations to try and stress the defense and create mismatches.

We are fortunate to have a great coaching staff, both on offense and defense, that evolves with our talent and isn't married to scheme or past history. They will work with this group on offense to get the most out of them and continuallly refine until we have more success. It will also help to have the same offense again for once!

This is important to note. The Rams have been throwing hints about this for a while. This offense will not only worry defenses, but it will make Bradford a better quarterback.

Lastly, let's hear about possible uniform changes:

Tony Iz Ramlike: Hello! I think the current uniform now are nice but if there were to be a overhaul what do you think would be a change to the uniform?

Kevin D: As I always say, it's never a chat session without uniform questions! There are no current plans to overhaul the uniforms in the next few years, but I do envision the Club embarking upon a uniform re-design by the end of the decade. There is a great deal of passion for both the blue and yellow and the blue and white, and it seems very little passion for our current uniforms. I believe part of that is because we have not had great success in the current uniforms and the other uniforms have more nostalgia.

To make any uniform changes for a third uniform takes at least two years and the process begins immediately after the 2013 season, so we will have to make a decision on whether to alter the throwbacks by January if we want them to change in 2015. It has not been discussed for that time frame but that's not to say it won't be discussed before then. I'm up for considering the blue and white, the older blue, white and yellow or even the Red and Black of the Cleveland Rams!

I do love that our fans are passionate about the Club's rich history and the uniforms that go with it. Unfortunately, there is no possible way to wear Blue and Whites when we honor Deacon Jones, if there was, we would certainly do so.

We will keep you posted on any possible uniform developments or changes as it approaches January, but I would venture to guess its unlikely we will make any changes.

Honestly, lot's of people care about the uniforms more than I do. I guess all you can do is wait for a change.

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