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Be Tony Softli's intern

Are you an aspiring INSIDER? Then you might just have what it takes to be Tony Softli's intern.

To the outsider, being an NFL "insider" looks like a lot of fun. You tweet, stalk visitors to the team facility, hang out with robots in the studio and blur the line between the news and honoring the team's contract with the radio station. But there's more to it than that, way more. In fact, it's a position that needs a dedicated helper, preferably one in need of a few extra credit hours.

Tony Softli is St. Louis' premier NFL reporter, er, INSIDER. Of course, he's one of only a handful of the city's sports guys who spends the majority of his time covering the St. Louis Rams.

Naturally, it keeps him pretty busy. The man could use a little help. And we'd like to find him an intern.

Think you've got what it takes to do the job?

The following will be some of your main duties:

  • Updating with "Unique Football Content" (i.e. copy and pasting press releases like this)
  • Tweeting for him (understanding of capital letters and punctuation not required)
  • Making sure people know that @TonySoftli is the real McCoy, not the impostor @SoftliSTL
  • Mustache combing
  • Assist with free agent stakeouts at Rams Park
  • Taking photos of Softli designed to look like selfies
  • Finding new and interesting hashtags
  • Warding off unwanted advances from The Fast Lane crew (@101ESPNFastLane)
  • Other duties as assigned

Now, what kind of qualifications do you need? None really, but because the journalism world is almost impossible to break into these days, you'll probably be over qualified ... but you're not yet an INSIDER young padwan.

An interest in writing and pro football is preferable. Nordstrom's experience is also strangely helpful, and of course, the willingness to rise and grind.

You've got two options to apply for the greatest gig in sports journalism.

1. Write up a FanPost right here at TST telling us why you're the best person for the job. Also include a list of your qualifications.

2. Email us. Same as above, we want an essay about why you're the best choice for Softli's intern and a list of qualifications. Use "Softli internship" in the subject line.

Points are awarded for relevancy and creativity.

The position is open until we find the right candidate, and we've got a special guest panel to help us pick the winner. You'll get bag full of TST swag, including one each of our t-shirt collection. More importantly, you'll have a shot at greatness.