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Janoris Jenkins endorses Tavon Austin

The Rams second-year cornerback is awfully impressed with the rookie offensive weapon.


Everybody is on the Tavon Austin bandwagon, as well they should be. The St. Louis Rams offensive weapon is ready to take flight in the NFL this year, revolutionizing an offense best known for getting its quarterback sacked than scoring points over the last three years. Consider second-year cornerback Janoris Jenkins among the converts.

Jenkins shared his thoughts with the NFL Network this week:

"I think we are going to be a lot better. We have more weapons around Sam (Bradford) and guys that can make plays with the ball in their hands.

"He's pretty fast, he's a dynamic receiver. Great speed, great hands, great quickness. I think he can be very special."

Damn right. The Rams wouldn't have traded up for Austin, moving to No. 8, if they didn't think he had the chance to be special. His college tape showed that, and he's already giving the world a hint of it in offseason work with the Rams.

Of course, Jenkins had some other advice for the rookie.

"He's just got to work, stay focused and, like I said, just put himself around positive people. But as far as talent-wise he has it all."

Avoid the off-field problems. Stay strip club ready, but not too ready, if you know what I mean.