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St. Louis Rams: An Offseason Review of 2013’s First Quarter

The first half of 2013 is behind us. Football is played in quarters, so let’s recap the Rams’ offseason thus far. Have a look at the memorable 1st Quarter...


January 2013

January 2 - The Rams Fire Blake Williams. So much for nepotism you brusque, tactless bastard!
January 11 - A Dahl-iscious "Gif"t for one and all! Thank you, Daniel Doelling. Thank you.
January 24 - The Rams Hire Frank Bush as LB’s Coach. The Rams welcome a former Tennessee Titan…he’s just not a former Fisher-lead Titan.
January 24 - The Rams Hire Rob Ryan as Def. Coordinator. He was only out of work for five minutes. Hello 3-4 defense!
January 25 - Rams’ QB Sam Bradford is too….nice? Yeah, that’s right. The guy who said the Rams should draft Eddie Lacy at 16 says Bradford might just be, well, too nice.
January 26 - Rams’ Center Scott Wells has arthroscopic knee surgery. Couple this headline with some Jaws or Friday the 13th background music and you’ve really got something special.
January 29 - Rams Cut Ties With Rob Ryan. He was out of work for 5 minutes, and then employed for 5 minutes. Buh-bye 3-4 defense!
January 30 - Rams’ DE Chris Long is Back on Twitter! The best social media news of the century…or something very close.
January 31 - Filling in the Rams’ Depth Chart [Offense]. Take a look at the Rams’ depth chart [complete with colorful holes] as it was six months ago. I’d say they’ve done pretty well filling them in…

February 2013

February 1 - Filling in the Rams’ Depth Chart [Defense]. It’s no secret the Rams’ had less dire needs on the defensive side of the ball, but they also had plenty of holes to fill. How’d they do?
February 1 - Arbitrators Select Rams’ Plan for Edward Jones Dome. The Rams came up with a $700mil plan to renovate the EJD. The ball is in your court CVC!
February 2 - Three Rams Shunned from Pro Football Hall-of-Fame. Sorry Jerome, Aeneas, and Kevin…
February 4 - The Ravens are Crowned Super Bowl Champs! Ahh, typing that doesn’t hurt one bit.
February 5 - Chris Long Creates a Bit of % Controversy. Who needs hashtags when the combination of shift and 5 are much easier on the home-key fingers?!
February 5 - The Rams Claim Titus Young Off Waivers. The Rams were the only team that saw a glimmer of hope in Titus Young. They were also quick to extinguish the glimmer.
February 9 - SI’s Don Banks Does a 2012 Re-Draft. The Rams shouldn’t have taken Michael Brockers at 14, and Janoris Jenkins would be loooooooooong gone by 39
February 12 - It’s Not a Make-or-Break Season for Sam Bradford. Well, so says Rams’ GM Les Snead. If there’s one person on the planet you should trust regarding the matter…it’s The Hair.
February 12 - The Rams hire Tim Walton as Def. Coordinator. A bit of a surprise name, but certainly someone poised to impress. You know what they say… Trust in Fisher and Snead.
February 14 - Steven Jackson Expected to Void Deal. Uh oh…
February 15 - Sayonara Titus Young! Jeff Fisher says Young wasn’t a fit for the Rams. Apparently, he’s a better fit for an insane asylum
February 17 - Sam Bradford and the Not-So-Deep-Threats. Let’s have a gander at each of Sam Bradford’s touchdowns from 2012
February 22 - The Rams Have a New Backup QB. Austin Davis, come on down!!
February 25 - Don’t Sleep on Rams’ RB Isaiah Pead! Sports Illustrated’s Peter King thinks Isaiah Pead is the 2013 NFC Breakout Player of the Year.
February 26 - Steven Jackson Plans to Void Final Year of Contract. There’s still hope, though.
February 27 - The 49ers Trade QB Alex Smith to the Chiefs. Who cares…

March 2013

March 1 - Rams’ Guard Rok Watkins is Gettin’ Into Shape. He’s eating healthy, and washing his ass before he eats. Where the hell is he now?
March 4 - The Titans Will Not Use the Franchise Tag on Jared Cook. I wonder how that works out…
March 5 - The Very Slow Adaptation at TE. This is my take on why Jared Cook would be a good fit. Color me badd right.
March 6 - The Rams Cut Wayne Hunter. Too much money, but better than Jason Smith
March 7 - Steven Jackson Voids His Contract. Best wishes, SJ39.
March 10 - The Rams cut Quintin Mikell. He may not be the youngest safety option out there, but how this guy has no job is beyond me. He performed admirably for the Rams in 2012.
March 11 - Rams Amongst Teams Showing Most Interest in Jake Long. Initial reports stated that the Rams and Bears were early favorites to nab the Dolphins left tackle.
March 11 - Rams Sign DT Jermelle Cudjo to Two Year Deal. Not a "major" signing, per se, but the Rams did well by adding depth on the defensive line.
March 11 - The Seahawks Sign Percy Harvin. That can’t be good…
March 11 - The 49ers Acquire Anquan Boldin. Oh, there’s some good news
March 12 - The Rams Re-Sign William Hayes. It’s one of the Rams’ more needed - and best - signings of the 2013 offseason. Seriously…
March 12 - The Rams Claim Jared Cook in Free Agency. Sorry [again] Dolphins
March 13 - Rodger Saffold Wants to be a Left Tackle. The pursuit of Jake Long continues. Rodger Saffold heard the news - and in a contract year - stated which position he’d like to play in 2013.
March 13 - Danny Amendola Becomes the New Wes Welker. Amendola signs a 5-year deal with the New England Patriots. It wasn’t all that much of a surprise.
March 14 - Steven Jackson Signs With Atlanta Falcons. Good ridd…luck Steven Jackson. Sincerely, Rams Nation.
March 14 - Rams’ Fans Did All Kinds of Things #WhileWaiting4Jake. Good friend of TST [@shrek_13] started the Twitter trend #WhileWaiting4Jake…others [like yours truly] simply joined in on the fun
March 15 - Johnny Hekker Wants Twitter Followers… and he’ll do anything to get them. Take a look.
March 15 - Brandon Gibson Becomes a Miami Dolphin. There was much debate about his value to the team in 2013. It didnt’ matter after March 15th. Austin Pettis immediately became a lock…
March 18 - Jake Long is Officially a St. Louis Ram. There were some erroneous reports…this one is not. This dude’s the Rams’ left tackle!
March 19 - Rodger Saffold "will be fine." It wasn’t 24 hours later that there was a bit of tension regarding the newest Rams’ left tackle and the Rams’ LT of 2012. Saffold didn’t appear to be happy at first, but GM Les Snead didn’t think it would be a problem.
March 22 - Trumaine Johnson Arrested for Drunk Driving. Uh oh…
March 27 - NFC West: Who’s Making a Splash? The current [as of then] offseason acquisition of each of the NFC West’s teams. This was pre-draft, but moves were substantial.
March 28 - The Rams Haven’t Spoken to Rodger Saffold. Ten days after the initial "Rodger will be fine" news, this isn’t what Rams’ fans wanted to hear….
March 29 - With Less Than One Month Until the 2013 NFL Draft, It’s Important to Check in With Mel Kiper Jr. Kiper Jr. recapped his grades for the Rams’ drafts from 2008 and on. You’ll have to wait another month or so to find out how he grades the 2013 draft…
March 31 - "The Walking Rams." It’s not necessarily news, but if the Rams were to be in an AMC series about zombies, you’d know who’s who!

…stop by Turf Show Times tomorrow for the complete recap of the St. Louis Rams’ 2nd Quarter offseason recap.