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St. Louis Rams 2013 season: Expected wins

Just how many games do you expect the Rams to win this year?


I expect a lot of things. The weather not to be so oppressively hot. The right to Par-tay. Delicious 'jamocha' shakes. Along those lines, I also expect the St. Louis Rams to be a better team this season (though it's truly more of an expectation versus an entitlement, or even, entitlexpectation like those other things).

The narrative around the Rams says the team is improved. That's backed up by a second year of solid personnel moves and the logical assumption that the young players at the core of the team will get better. Consistency and Continuity might as well be sewn onto the 2013 team's guidon.

Of course, anything could happen. Injuries and other hiccups are a natural part of the game.

Soon enough, less than a week, camp starts, and we'll begin to get a better understanding about this year's Rams team. Let's set a data point for ourselves. In the poll below, vote for how many games you expect the Rams to win in 2013. Go with your gut. Assume whatever you want to assume about the season ahead.

With our unscientific results, we can bench mark our expectations against reality as the season moves along.

Alright, VOTE.


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