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Random Ramsdom for Friday 7/19/2013: Can I Get A What What?, Broke Leg Jack, and Training Camp Radar

Your latest edition of Morning Cup of Joe, featuring Rams news and the best of the rabbit hole that is the internet.


Calling All Bradford Haters

Starting things off this lovely Friday morning we have ESPN NFC West Blogger Mike Sando looking a little closer at the numbers for Sam Bradford against the 49ers. Note the comparison to Russell Wilson. Bradford might have had something to do with the Rams doing so well against San Fran in 2012

Broken Leg? Put Me In Coach!

Does anyone remember a certain Rams player who threw a cast on a broken fibula and played 2 1/2 consecutive games? Click. Watch. Bow down.


Hey, we can't just talk about football! I've got two shiny nickles that say she wins at some point in her career.

Stop Killing Off Characters!

I don't watch the show, but I am trying to read the books. This is hilarious if you are familiar with the subject matter. If not, well, there is still Tosh.0 Where else can you find people dressed in spandex suits, wielding foam swords, and posing for pictures?

Comic-Con 2013.

Cosplay is optional but encouraged. I wonder if they'll ever have a football themed super hero??? Oh wait, they do....

What is missing from pro-football venues? Ball park food. How nice would it be to have a dude tossing you peanuts and hot dogs at a Rams game? That sounds dirty.

While the Rams didn't make it into this article, there are some astute observations about other NFL teams. TurfShowTimes will have all the player/position analysis and camp news you can handle in the coming weeks.

Slide 29

Jake Long is a player to watch in camp. The Rams are pretty sure they have a solid linchpin for the offensive line in the former Miami Dolphin. There are several other players around the NFL to keep your radar dialed into. Some may even end up on your fantasy team.

From Haunted Toasters to SWF

Craigslist can be awesome or scary. One minute you can find a used mountain bike for a great deal, the next minute you've fallen down the rabbit hole reading stuff like this.

Weekly RATM:

Have a great weekend Rams Nation!