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Turf Show Radio: Friday, July 19, 9pm ET (UPDATED)

Well lookie here. You've been doing all this TST readin' this offseason. Why not meet your listenin' quota?



Show Update

You can hang out on the show page right here; tonight's call-in number is (347) 857-1022. Get at us.


TURF SHOW RADIO! Yup. We're back, tomorrow at 9pm ET.

Let's recap what's happened since we last left you in March...

- Jake Long officially became a Ram.

- Trumaine Johnson got a DUI. In Montana.

- The draft...stuff happened.

- Sam Bradford went back to Oklahoma to help out after a horrible tornado did horrible things. Tornadoes suck.

- Eric Dickerson and Justin Bieber's worlds collided. I worried this was the universe dividing by zero. We narrowly escaped, y'all.

- Isaiah Pead got suspended for the first game.

- The Deacon passed on. RIP.

- OTAs told us everything about nothing about the 2013 Rams.

- Tim Tebow signed with the Patriots and then Aaron Hernandez killed someone and you can't prove that the former didn't cause the latter.

- Tavon Austin got in trouble for following strippers on Twitter. The team said stop. He did. Briefly. Janoris Jenkins remained #stripclubready.

- Bradford took much of the offense down to Oklahoma to practice football and don Google's latest eyewear. It is hot outside. It is also July. Someone will question their commitment.

So pretty much nothing big to talk about...

We're making this the season 5 debut since (important format news alert) we're headed back over to BlogTalkRadio! The fine folks at BTR teamed up with SB Nation and gave us all free premium accounts, and we really like free things here at TST.

So jump in tomorrow night at 9pm and kick off the TST year with us. No crazy log in stuff, commenting on the blog page...we clean up nicely, ya dig.