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Rams get a look through Google Glass

Sam Bradford put on those crazy glasses that Google makes.

In the future, we'll see things differently.

In the future, we'll transport ourselves behind the eyes of others.

The future is now. Google Glass.

Damn, that's some compelling ad copy, no? It kind of makes you want to run out and purchase those ugly ass Google Glasses. Sadly, they're not available to the public.

Sam Bradford and Tavon Austin recently got to try out a pair of them on the practice field, which you can see in the video above.

I don't know if it's just his demeanor or what, but Bradford seems thoroughly nonplussed by those things. It's almost like he's focused on getting ready for the season ahead or something. Jeez, so selfish [sarcasm font].

The best part of the video is GM Les Snead. "I can see these being part of the game in the future ... but what will they do for my hair!"

Man, it's good thing the Rams have a better team finally, or this would be comedy gold.