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Random ramsdom 7/15: Gearing up for training camp

Run through your Monday morning drills and dabble in some Rams links.


All the pieces in place for Bradford to succeed - The story that won't die until proven one way or another - Sam Bradford's "make-or-break" year. Bernie Miklasz of the Post-Dispatch recognizes the resurgent movement aimed at the Rams' offensive firepower and feels it is now Bradford's time to shine.

Remaining voids on NFC West rosters - The Rams made many strides this offseason to replenish their depleted roster, but a few very noticeable holes remain. One - or two - in particular is the safety position, where oft-injured Darian Stewart and rookie T.J. McDonald are expected to start.

Choosing quality over quantity at receiver - St. Louis currently boasts nine receivers on their summer roster, the lowest total in the league. Will the youth movement prevail or will the lack of experience and numbers hold the unit back?

Fantasy limitations at running back - Daryl Richardson and Isaiah Pead have some big shoes to fill as they enter their second season. With neither back having ever reached the endzone - save for a single two-point conversion - and a rookie thrown into the mix, fantasy GM's should do their homework before investing in the Rams' backfield.

Rams' all-time underrated/overrated players - has finally rolled out its most overrated and underrated players in Rams franchise history. Before getting your hopes up, youngsters, this list features only those who played before the move to St. Louis. Remember that "Jaws" fellow?

A guide to hating the 49ers - As if you need any help? "Hate" is a very strong word, but it can be used well in describing one of the NFL's best and longest standing rivalries. Prepare yourself for another hostile season in the NFC West.

Remember that wild Kenny Mayne Event featuring Jeff Fisher and his magnificent 'stache? Well it appears the American Mustache Institute isn't finished with the Rams' head coach.

How about a new 2013 Rams preview highlight video to start your day?