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Jay Nixon says words about Stan Kroenke, Rams stadium issue

The Governor of Missouri doesn't know much more about Stan Kroenke's plans than the rest of us. But he does know that Silent Stan is a BALLER!

Doug Pensinger

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon said some words about the St. Louis Rams' stadium issue this week. Quite literally, he just said some words, without any real meaning attached to them. The Governor even joked about obfuscating the answer to the question.

Nevertheless, words were said and the sentences that contained those words made reference to the stadium. Obviously, we'll need local sports soothsayer Alvin Reid to decipher Nixon's coded political message, which was undoubtedly a subconscious admission that the Rams will flee for a new home in the guest house at Kroenke's Malibu estate.

Let's take a look at these non thoughts from the Governor of Missouri, who was in St. Louis last week for some ceremonial bill signin' at Children's Hospital.

We'll wait and see what they want to do moving forward and what sort of longer term commitments. I've certainly have had the opportunity over the months and years to talk to Stan and I've talked to him last year. We look forward to keeping an open dialogue and the point is that we ... need to see what they want to do.

LAST YEAR? Even if we take that in the literal sense, 2012 was more than six months ago. It seems like a long time, but, in truth, it's really not. Stadium negotiations have proven to be slow moving in even the most enthusiastic markets.

At some point, Kroenke and the Rams will start letting it be known what they want in a new stadium, either fixing up the Dome or building a new place somewhere else. If that includes corporate welfare a public funding component, the horse trading will begin in earnest. With no real deadline until after the 2014 season, don't expect anything to happen to far ahead of that, based on previous stadium dealings around the league.

More Nixon:

But we're also a state which resources are going to continue to be focused as narrowly as possible on things that will make a good long-term difference. So that's as much evading of that question as I'll do.

Ok, I'm no Alvin Reid, but I get two takeaways from these comments:

1. Nixon is walking a fine line on the possibility of subsidizing a facility for the Rams.

2. Nixon really doesn't know a whole lot more about what the Rams want than the rest of us. Sure, he might have some idea given the network he and Kroenke run in, but it certainly doesn't sound like he has any definite insight into the team's plans.


(Reminder, if you do want to speculate, here's a handy dandy guide on how to do it responsibly).

There's just one more thing ...

Stan Kroenke is a baller. No, literally, he can tear shit up on the basketball court, according to Nixon.

Not a bad basketball player either. Back in the day when we were both around Mizzou at the time he was always a good guy to pick up. He was a very good shooter.

Man, Nixon and Kroenke on the court ... if there's a more entertaining basketball game than that, I don't want to see it.

Video of Nixon's remarks from the St. Louis Beacon is below (h/t to The Pigskin Arch).