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The NFL Supplemental Draft is Thursday

There's another NFL Draft? Yep, but this one is kind of lame.

Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

Big news everyone; The NFL Draft is today.

And by that I mean the NFL Supplemental Draft.

This is the one where teams have the option of exchanging picks in next year's draft for players caught somewhere in the nebulous universe that exists between NCAA and NFL rules. They can't go back to college, but they weren't ready for the April entry draft. They're DOOMED to be picked by sad franchises like the Browns and Raiders.

Sounds kinda like a scary movie, huh? Maybe Goodell could throw the NCAA a bone with supplemental draft horror stories instead of academic eligibility requirements for the Combine.

There are six players eligible this year, including a trio of defensive linemen, two wide receivers and a defensive back from Alabama ... South Alabama.

Of the entire group, Houston receiver DeWayne Peace is the most likely to get picked, but probably with a sixth- or seventh-round pick if he does. He is academically ineligible to return to college.

Here's Mocking the Draft on Peace in his scouting report:

Peace is a distinctly different type of receiver than Gordon. At a listed 5-foot-11 and 190 pounds, he has average size. His speed seems only ordinary and his athletic ability is standard.

So yeah, a seventh-round pick is unlikely even for the best player of the bunch.

Nevertheless, it's worth knowing the names here because these guys will be rookie free agents once teams pass over them in the draft. Most, if not all, will make their way onto a training camp roster. And most, if not all, will not make it onto a final 53-man roster. But there's always a practice squad.

For the Rams, the defensive linemen could always get a look as camp bodies. But that's really about it.

Again, everything the NFL touches during the offseason somehow turns to media gold. The supplemental draft has so far resisted that. It's probably for the best.