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Random Ramsdom: It Won't Be Long Now...

These are the last days of the offseason. Soon players will report to training camp, and the preseason will officially kickoff. What will we be able to decipher about the Rams this year in the preseason?

David Welker

The Rams are a young team. When it's all said and done, and all roster changes are made, I expect they will again be the youngest team in the league. This bodes well for the Rams future, but is it a good sign for 2013-2014?

The Rams exceeded expectations last year as a young team, and I suspect they can do the same again this year. However, leadership and development will have to define the team in preseason. A young team needs direction, and not all of it can come from the top (i.e. Jeff Fisher). Sam Bradford will have to learn to command the team with a stronger voice. On defense, the team has a fair share of leaders, but they will have to develop their young backend to get the most out of their powerful defensive front. Having a young team means living with some mistakes, but without proper leadership and development, those mistakes may never get fixed - as Rams fans have witnessed in the past. This preseason will be very revealing about the personality of this young Rams team.

On to the news!

Breaking down the Rams RB situation...

You mean the Rams RB situation hasn't been decided yet? This will be a fun training camp battle. In my opinion, this will be reason alone to watch the preseason games. Last year, we all watched Daryl Richardson single-handedly steal the #2 spot from Isaiah Pead. Will it be Pead's turn the year, or will Zac Stacey, Terrance, Gananway or one of the other training camp bodies have something to say about it.

Rams lease effecting others

One of the hardest dynamics for fans to understand about the Rams/CVC issue is all the far reaching effects it has on so many other elements. It's not really the most exciting topic to cover or discuss, but it's a good idea to educate yourself as a fan around all that is happening regarding this situation.

Rookies warned about disappearing money

Believe it or not, athletes go broke... a lot. The NFL rookies were warned of this kind of occurance and much more at the NFL rookie symposium. To be exact, they were warned of "Hard Knocks".

NFL Rookies moving up depth charts

No Rams on the list. This is probably due to the fact that most Rams high-profile rookies started at the top of the depth chart - for better or for worse.

Every NFL teams biggest "bust" of 2013

A certain Rams running back is listed for St. Louis. It's a fair guess, but if this player was in fact to be the biggest "bust" we could all fairly assume it's because expectations were high and other players stepped up and filled that role more effectively.

Stay classy Rams fans!