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Johnny Hekker, trick shot artist

The Rams punter led an all-star cast of special teamers in a trick shot circus during the offseason.

Is there anything Johnny Hekker can't do? Impromptu quarterback, punter, snorter of things, taco artist ... and now he's a trick shot artist too.

This video from something called Dude Perfect features Hekker punting the ball into a basketball hoop, swimming pool and other narrow places that redefine accuracy. And he's not alone. Long snapper Jake McQuade, who just signed a four-year deal with the team, joins him for a few tricks of his own. So does Greg Zuelein.

The Rams have a pretty amazing array of special teamers, who can always apply their talents to side show work for offseason entertainment.

Yeah, we've seen their handiwork on the field too. It gave the Rams a nice edge at times last season. But it's way more fun, at least in July, to see it applied to less useful uses.

Thanks to the folks at Dude Perfect and the Rams for sharing this with us. Enjoy.