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LS Jake McQuaide Signs 4-Year Extension

Jake McQuaide's first two seasons as the snapping specialist have been without fanfare...which means he's doing a fine job.


Time for some SnapChat...get your mind out of the gutter.

Jake McQuaide, the Rams' long-snapping specialist, signed a 4-year extension today securing his services through the 2016 season. His first two seasons have been without incident that comes instantly to memory...which is as fine of a compliment as you can give a long snapper.

The Ohio St. product has been part of the Rams' assemblage of one of the better young specialist trios in the league in McQuaide, "eccentric" punter Johnny Hekker and legbomb Greg "1,000 Nicknames" Zuerlein. And as the video below which was released today shows, the Rams' specialists are as entertaining, and as valuable, as their colleagues.

In the end, the Rams are rocking their snapback.

Quality blogging bookends of SnapChat and snapbacks brought to you by 3k. You're welcome.