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Cortland Finnegan says the Rams or Lions are Super Bowl bound

Cortland Finnegan knows a lot about being a cornerback, but you probably shouldn't let him make your picks.


Cortland Finnegan knows a few things about picks. The St. Louis Rams cornerback had three interceptions last season, 17 over his career. But it comes to picking Super Bowl winners, you can probably find better advice elsewhere.

He picked the Rams and Lions as his 1a and 1b to win the Super Bowl this season, in an interview with the Detroit Free Press.

Obviously, you get where his Rams pick is coming from. The stated goal of Jeff Fisher's team is to win the Super Bowl, as it should be. Let's discuss Finnegan's two possibilities and their viability.

The Rams
Of course, most of the TST community sees a route for Fisher's team to get to the Lombardi Trophy. This is a young group, with plenty of talent, albeit some untested talent. There is sort of a recent precedent in the 49ers. Veteran, established defense that overcame some real unknowns with the offense to win the NFC championship. It's not a perfect parallel, but the similarities are there.

Then again, a more reasonable take is that the Rams are probably a season away from being Super Bowl bona fides. That's okay to admit.

The Lions


The Lions are longshots to win their division. But hey, a Lions Super Bowl is infinitely better than a 49ers one, right?

Remember when Finnegan pick-sixed Matthew Stafford last year?


He also picked off RGIII last year, but the highlight of that game was him trolling Josh Morgan, which led to this:


Love Finnegan as a player, but his picks need work.