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Awkward: Titus Young didn't know the Rams released him

TItus Young found out in jail that he was no longer with the St. Louis Rams.

Leon Halip

Man, that's going to be so awkward when Titus Young shows up at Rams Park for training camp this summer.

Wait, you say, the Rams cut him. Indeed they did, but that news came relatively late to Young. He didn't know the Rams had released him until he was sitting in jail for a series of crimes in California this spring.

He's probably going to forget, showing up at Rams Park with a hobo bindle tied to a stick, slung over his back. Everything he has in his luggage is a set of keys, a lone receiver's glove and a Calvin Johnson trading card marked up with red ink.

It's a pretty awful story really. I have no idea if a concussion made an obvious mental health issue worse. It probably didn't help, but Young had personality problems earlier in his career. The NFL does offer mental health services to its players (but not much in the way of long-term care for neurological disease). Hopefully, Young gets help.

But still, I can kind of imagine Jeff Fisher shooing him away like a Jehovas Witness.