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Around the NFL - June 8

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon has been suspended for two game - He's also being docked two additional game checks. I guess it comes down to who you believe. Gordon says he took cough medicine containing codeine that was prescribed by a doctor in February. Yet, the NFL has strict anti- "Purple Drank" policies, and they slapped the second year player hard. It appears the Browns have had their concerns about Gordon for a while now, after he failed drug tests in college.

What if you threw an NFL Supplemental draft in July, and no one signed up? Right now, the NFL has the supplemental draft scheduled for July, but no college players have a applied. Maybe they could have a Mock Draft instead?

Mark Ingram of the New Orleans Saints is sinking fast on the depth chart - Darren Sproles and Pierre Thomas are going to be carrying the rock for fresh off of vacation Sean Payton's offense. The former Heisman Trophy winner for Alabama has battled injuries since he came into the league.

Chris Wesseling from posted his Top 40 wide receiver rankings - Yes, there aren't any current Rams' receivers on the list, but there are a couple names you'll recognize... One name will have DC (Brandon Bate) groaning, so make sure to check out #40 on the list!

The NFL's Top 100 players list grinds its way into the "30s" - Patrick Peterson edged out the Bears' Charles Tillman for the #1 corner back ranking (#33). All in all, I'm not a big fan of this list. There are players who have no business being on the list at all. (See: Dwayne Bowe) Let me know in the comments who you think should - or shouldn't - be in the Top 100.

JaMarcus Russell has a positive workout with the Bears - I hear he lost 40+ lbs? It was the ego weight above his shoulders he needed to lose though. There's a funny story going around about his coaches in Oakland giving him a blank CD - instead of the game plan - to see if he did his homework. The story goes, he came back the next day saying he studied it and understood all the new plays... Er, uh? Bottom line: Russell would need a monumental work out to make any NFL team.

Speaking of Bears quarterbacks... Jay Cutler and offensive coordinator Mike Tice had a rift last season. It got so bad, they used back-up quarterback Josh McCown as a "liaison" if one needed to get a message to the other. Really? Cutler has the talent, but his ego makes Lady Gaga look like she has low self-esteem.

The Baltimore Ravens have their Super Bowl rings... Huge, gaudy, and... I WANT ONE! Their are 31 NFL teams looking at the latest version of the Super Bowl ring, and dreaming of one day being able to wear their own 20 lbs hunk of gilded metal.

Is Michael Vick losing the quarterback battle in Philadelphia? The Philly media just won't let up, and I think it's driving Eagles fans - and Vick - crazy. Nick Foles has been throwing well in OTAs, and appears to have the inside edge in new head coach Chip Kelly's offense.

So you want to build a stadium in California, eh? The San Francisco 49ers' new Santa Clara digs are costing some serious "cha-ching" already, and it's going to be even more than originally thought. The price tag stands - for now - at $1.3 billion, and that doesn't include infrastructure changes to the surrounding area. Can you even begin to imagine how much a stadium in L.A. would cost? Remember when I mentioned a friend of mine saying it would be in the $2 billion range? I guess he isn't far off...

Any Mitch Hedberg fans out there? Though he's no longer with us, his comedy never fails to make me laugh...