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Random Ramsdom for Friday, 6/7/2013: Rams, Softball, and Sammy Speaks

We here at Turf Show Times would like to wish you a happy Friday. With exactly 90 days til the defending Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens open up the season on the road against the Denver Broncos, St. Louis Rams fans are understandably anxious. The Rams were decisive in free agency, landing the big fish in the pond, Jake Long, and having a draft that made fans literally tap dance with excitement. (Yeah that happened in my house.) Follow along around the league and enjoy the Ramdomness!

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David Maxwell


Tavon a la Percy?

Who did Tavon Austin look up to while in college? Percy Harvin. Yeah, the speedy, multi-purpose wideout who can change a game in a single play. Here's hoping Tavon can emulate his idol and then some!

Pead Not Missing Reps

St. Louis Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher says that the suspension levied against Isaiah Pead won't result in lost reps during the preseason. Pead comes into the season as the favorite to lead the Rams running backs, followed closely by bowling ball Daryl Richardson.

The Fish Steps Into Fox Sports Midwest Booth

Jeff Fisher stopped by the booth during the Diamondbacks -vs- Cardinals game to promote his Celebrity Softball Game. While in the booth, Fisher discussed a few things. He seems to be a fan of the Redbirds and a good luck charm. When Fisher sat down in the booth the Cardinals scored eight runs against former Cardinals pitcher Ian Kennedy, followed by back to back home runs by pitcher Shelby Miller and second baseman Matt Carpenter. He mentioned how great of an off season quarterback Sam Bradford has had, and how the young guys have done well. With the youngest team in the NFL, he could be talking about the whole team. If you are in the area and want to meet some Ram players and possibly get some autographs, go here and get a ticket to the game.

The Secretary of Defense Was Simply Awesome

Deacon Jones. Man, Deacon you rocked it and rolled it, and just revolutionized the game. Rest in Peace SECDEF. Check out this video from NFL Films about Deacon, very much worth the six minutes. If you are so inclined, read this obituary. I got something in my eye man!

KSDK Video on Sammy

Sam Bradford talks about getting timing down with his receivers and staying late working with his new toys. He understands his role in deciding where the ball goes and how the running game is going to be different with Steven Jackson gone. He addresses the importance of moving around the aforementioned Tavon Austin to make the most of his skills. Can you say excited!

Jared Cook, Don't Stop Believin'

Jared Cook talks about how the offense in Tennessee didn't "suit" him. He expects to break out in St. Louis.

Have a great weekend and GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!