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Thursday night open thread rager

Looking for something interesting on the last night of the working week? We got you.


The NBA Finals are on. There's playoff hockey. If you want sports to watch, there's plenty of it out there. Then again, maybe you just want a friendly place to chatter, a second screen for eyes that miss football.

We're here for you.

Perhaps an aperitif to loosen things up a bit? Sure, let me get something.

Your options:

Have you seen this stuff with the media moving the Jaguars to London? It's speculation. It makes no sense, but that's not stopping anyone. The best part: the exact same shit you hear about every team moving, including the Rams.

Left and right linebackers? That's what Fisher said on Thursday. Strongside and weakside roles are out. Alec Ogletree is on the left, and Jo-Lonn Dunbar is on the right. HOW DARE HE SIMPLIFY THE GAME LIKE THAT!

The heavy stuff. The stuff for weightier discussions. Like this ...



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