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Random Ramsdom: St. Louis Rams, NFL News, & Football in London

The offseason may slow St. Louis Rams’ news down, but much like P Diddy, it can’t stop… won’t stop.


Watch Out For the Kansas City Chiefs:

Gil Brandt gives six reasons why the other team from Missouri is the team to watch out for in the AFC West. I’ll admit, I glanced at the six reasons and immediately thought of the Rams. Why was this article not about the team from St. Louis? I can only speculate that it’s the difficulty of the division, but there’s little doubt that the Rams possess all the things Brandt mentions…

The Best of "Hard Knocks":

I’m not sure if I’m missing out or not, but I’ve got to come clean… I’ve never watched a single second of the HBO series Hard Knocks. Maybe I didn’t need to. Gregg Rosenthal highlights some of the show’s classic moments.

The London Jaguars: CBS Sports

Jason LaCanfora thinks Roger Goodell - sometime in the next decade - wants one NFL team to call London home. It’s interesting, the picture selected for this article doesn’t show any Patriots flags waving. It’s not suggestive, though. LaCanfora thinks it’s going to be the team that doesn’t want Tom Tebow. What does Pete Prisco think?
<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-conversation="none"><p>@<a href="">ekaycbs</a> @<a href="">jasonlacanfora</a> Jaguars aren't going anywhere. I disagree 100-percent. Tampa Bay makes more sense.</p>&mdash; Pete Prisco (@PriscoCBS) <a href="">June 5, 2013</a></blockquote>
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What If 75% Of The NFC West Made the Playoffs?: ESPN NFC West

It’s a Mike Sando article, but it’s what Matt Williamson had to say that caught my attention. "Three teams out of the NFC West might end up going to the playoffs." As you could imagine, the last team in wasn’t the 49ers or Seahawks. It’s the Rams. Three teams out of one division. Wouldn’t that be something?

"Justin Bieber Needs to Slow His Ass Down": Football Outsiders

That’s just one of the finest quotes from May, 2013. It also happens to come from one of the Rams’ greats. FO put together a solid little compilation of quotes from last month. No more Faith Hill singing on Thursday Night Football? Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Want to See 90+ Seconds of Pure Greatness?: St. Louis Rams Official Website

It’s 1min 38sec’s of Deacon Jones doing what Deacon Jones did best. Need I say more?

Offseason Review of the NFC West: National Football Post

I know you’re just waking up, but please don’t let your eye boogers deceive you. Yes, this is an article completely void of the word "Rams." It’s a recap of the entire NFC West’s offseason, and it doesn’t include the Rams…

Top 10 Free Agents Still Team-less in June: RotoWorld

This is actually a very impressive list of players. Age appears to be their downfall. There are two former Rams on the list, only one of which most fans would consider re-signing. It is about money, and it is about age. The Rams are the youngest team in the NFL… could they use the assistance of one [or more] of these veterans?

If You’re Hungry For a Mock Draft… : WalterFootball

No? Oh, you’re full? Ooooh, they’re full of it! I hear ya. Well, it doesn’t change the fact that WalterFootball is predicting a draft that’ll take place nearly 11 months from now. With zero seconds of the NFL Preseason having been played out, take a look at what the Rams are already planning doing in late-April of 2014.

Kids Are Cute: Sports Pickle

When your innocent little boy becomes a superstar in sport, there’s nothing more enjoyable than pulling the shoe box from under your bed and sharing baby pictures with the world. It’s difficult to be embarrassed when your bi-weekly paycheck surpasses the annual income of the majority of the country. Don’t you just want to pinch their cheeks?

Happy Birthday[s] #RamsNation: Me?

I put together a spreadsheet of birthdays for members of #RamsNation [via Twitter]. @Rodger_Saffold turns 25 on June 6th, while Kellen Clemens enters his third decade of existence. Possibly more important… TST’s own @thatsergey turns an age I cannot calculate without year of birth. Happy birthday, gents! Cheers