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Reviewing the NFC West 2013 draft class

Just how well did the Rams and their division rivals do this April?


The 2013 NFL Draft ended a little over a month ago, making it the perfect time for Doug Farrar and Greg Cosell to review the NFC West draft. Farrar is the editor at Yahoo's Shutdown Corner which is one of the best football blogs out there. If you don't know of Farrar or Shutdown Corner, there's still a good chance that you know of Greg Cosell's work, he's a senior producer for NFL Flims, does work for ESPN's NFL Matchup, and is known as one of the most knowledgeable football analyst's out there.

They spent a lot of time talking about the other members of the NFC West. If you want to read about them go here.

Here's a quote that was uploaded to their site.

On how receiver Tavon Austin will change the Rams' offense: "As soon as they made that pick, and I was doing radio that night at the draft, I said that the Rams [will go with a more wide-open offense." Keep in mind what the Rams' personnel is. They have two tight ends who can move in Jared Cook and Lance Kendricks. They've got Tavon Austin. They've got Chris Givens, who a lot of people have forgotten about, but that kid can run. Everyone's talked about Chip Kelly and the speed offense, and taking nothing away from him, but in Sam Bradford's Heisman year, Oklahoma scored 60-plus points five or six weeks in a row, and I think they averaged 82 plays a game. Bradford's played in that, and they don't have what you'd call a feature back. So to me, everything about their skill positions signifies hurry-up, spread, tempo, speed to get guys in space."

Here are some quotes that I picked up from the show.

  • Farrar on Alec Ogletee " There's questions about him, but if you're just talking about athleticism he's the best linebacker in the draft."

They had some interesting points about Ogletree, it's definitely something that you will want to listen to.

  • "This kid is naturally quick, I think he probably fits better inside, but he can probably play snaps outside."- Cosell on Stedman Bailey.

Bailey will make an impact for the Rams this season, we talk about Austin a lot, but don't sleep on Bailey.

  • On Barrett Jones: "He's not a power guy, but to me, he's that ideal center who knows enough about the game. Apparently he was in with the coaches at Alabama doing game plans," then Farrar goes on to say that the Rams "made off with him."

He's a smart player that's for sure, and made calls on the line during the game. Jones is a pro. But how good will he be? That's the question.

What did Cosell think the prospects individually?

Tavon Austin- He loves him.

Alec Ogletree - Has issues, but should be a good fit for the team.

T.J. Mcdonald - A swing and a miss

Stedman Bailey- Likes Bailey a lot and he could be a good weapon for Bradford

Barrett Jones - Basically he will either be good or solid. Sounds like they were leaning towards solid. Is he a center or guard? Cosell thinks guard.

Brandon Mcgee - Cosell liked him, and said that he sees why Fisher likes him.

Zac Stacy - Didn't watch tape on him

For the whole podcast here's a link. The Rams segment begins around the 55 minute mark