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Random Ramsdom, 6/5: Salty and small things

It's the offseason! Come and scrape the bottom of the barrel with us!

Rams fans have lots of questions. Why is the sun hot? Why is the ocean salty? Speaking of salty, Jim Thomas took some time to answer reader questions in his weekly chat on Tuesday ... and that's about the extent of the Post-Dispatch's Rams coverage this week.

There are no small men, only small defenses. Sando examined the NFC West teams' 2012 performance, as measured by QBR, in their base defenses and small defenses, i.e. swapping out front seven for defensive backs. The Rams rank pretty close to the middle in both packages, more consistent than either Seattle or San Francisco, but not as good as the Cardinals (!) who ranked top 10 in both.

Rosey Grier, the last living member of the original Fearsome Foursome, talked to the L.A. Times about the late Deacon Jones.

Rookie receiver Stedman Bailey sat down with SB Nation to talk about the jump from college to the pros, his roommate Tavon Austin and lots more.

Baseball players doing steroids ... again? Haven't we already been through this? Is there not a supplement that makes baseball games either more exciting or shorter?

"But we've got a lot of TOM Tebow Fatheads to get rid of. You sure this isn't what you ordered? Positive? Double positive?"

What's a punt return touchdown look like in a Polish football league? A lot like the one Patrick Peterson used to sink the Rams in 2011, just a dude running though and around and in between a bunch of players that can't stop him.