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NFL and Verizon announce extension that includes streaming more games

It's hard keeping up with the St. Louis Rams outside of St. Louis, but maybe there's hope after all.

Coming to a smartphone near you.
Coming to a smartphone near you.
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For those of you who don't know, Verizon Wireless has been streaming some NFL games. The two companies reached an agreement for a multi-year extension beginning in 2014 that will expand stream options. The deal will span four years, and is worth a whopping one billion dollars.

The deal is for an upgraded version of Verizions' NFL Mobile application that was free in the app store last year. Well it's free to download. You get the basic features, but subscribers had the option of upgrading to the premium package which includes NFL Redzone and live streaming Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, and Thursday Night Football games.

It looks like the app will be upgraded next year.

For the 2013 season, the NFL and Verizon will launch an updated version of the popular NFL Mobile app. NFL Mobile from Verizon will continue to offer exclusive access on phones to Thursday, Sunday and Monday Night Football game coverage, NFL Network and NFL RedZone. The new NFL Mobile from Verizon will include improvements and enhancements that give fans unprecedented inside access to all the latest news, stats, exclusive game highlights, plus an extensive collection of on-demand video featuring analysis and inside access from NFL Network and NFL Films. In addition, fans will have special access to other popular features including fantasy, customizable NFL alerts, ringtones and graphics.

Beginning with the 2014 season, NFL Mobile from Verizon will expand to include access to live CBS and Fox Sunday afternoon games within their home markets, as well as all postseason playoff games, including the Super Bowl.

Honestly, all of this looks impressive, espically if it costs just $5 a month. It's also a step in the right direction for the NFL and its online growth. But the biggest issue for me is that it looks like you will be stuck watching games within your home markets. Which wouldn't be good if you wanted to watch the St. Louis Rams play and you live in Alaska. If you could follow your favorite team, it would be great, but it's still a year before this really goes into effect so we will see what happens.