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Tony Softli tweet of the day: Hacked!

St. Louis' premiere NFL beat guy had a run in with the dark side of technology this weekend.

Friends, this is a very serious edition of Tony Softli tweet of the day, a lesson in online security that we can all learn something from. Over the weekend, the reporter for the Rams' corporate broadcast partner had this tweet appear in his timeline:

Obviously, you don't want to click that link because Tony Softli was HACKED.

The dead giveaway? Correct-ish grammar, appropriate capitalization and a clear lack of hashtags. I've got $100 that says his password is "killingthemSoftli" which is also a nice summation of his personnel work with the Rams.

There is always the possibility he wasn't hacked.

Alright, kids. Lesson learned. Online privacy is very serious, and now to impart this lesson, I challenge you to come up with a better response to the tweet in question.