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Top 100 NFL plays: Hekker makes the highlights

Having a couple of plays in the top-100 countdown isn't too shabby.


The St. Louis Rams might not have a player on NFL Networks top 100 player countdown, but they have two of the NFL's top 100 plays of 2012. The countdown isn't over, but there's a good chance that these will be the only plays from the Rams that make the countdown, however at least these plays are in the top 50.

The first play of the Rams enters the countdown at 46. It's maybe, the highlight of the season, and the most memorable catch made by Brandon Gibson while he was wearing a Rams uniform.

That one handed catch, while adjusting his body and staying on the field of play was really impressive. But that catch, which resulted in 22 yards, wasn't enough to win the game. It made it look like a win was possible, and it helped get him a fair deal with the Miami Dolphins.

So what play was better than the acrobatic catch by Gibson? How about a pass by a punter for a touchdown?

In week 4 the Rams had punter Johnny Hekker pretend to kick a field goal, but instead of kicking the ball, he found Danny Amendola wide open on the other side of the field for an easy score. That basically won the game for the Rams. Somewhat surprisingly this play was ranked 45, I thought the Gibson catch was better, but this was a really good trick play.

Hekker seems to think there's more big plays for him to make next season.

Hopefully there are more touchdowns and big plays to make.

That's all of the Rams plays so far, so do you think another play is deserving of being placed in the NFL's top 100 plays of 2012? Was the Hekker pass better than the Gibson catch? Let us know.