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Your Monday Morning Links

Started at the bottom now you're here!....reading Rams news stories.


You started the weekend thinking you were going to have fun. You had it all planned out. You were finally going to have a good weekend. started.

The this sounds like a good ideas, and the why the hell nots crept into your plans. It poison them, slowly, before you even realized it. You were stranded in an alley way...naked, scarred from your misdeeds. Punished for your blunders.

In the end, you ended up doing the same thing you do every weekend; nothing. You had no fun. No worries, we have you covered with your Monday links for your entertainment.

Not long ago, the Rams had easily the worst special teams unit in the entire NFL. It was pathetic, to put it bluntly. But, this ship may have turned itself around. Jeff Fisher and Les Snead have made the Rams special teams a very solid unit. Anthony Blake from Rant Sports argues it may be the best in the league. With Greg Zuerlein, Tavon Austin, and a great coverage unit coached by John Fassel, it's possible the Rams may be the best in football.

Not long ago I took a shot at predicting the Rams roster for 2013. Jamal Collier took a similar chance, albeit in a power rankings format of the players on the roster. It's a very interesting read, and who he put as number one may surprise some.

NFL Network, in order to fill the offseason has now for three years done a top 100 players list. Players and others vote on their top players and NFL Network compiles a list. The list is over halfway through and the Rams have no players selected yet, and it's likely they will not get any players selected.

I've always been a huge critic of this list, and it's obvious some Rams players got snubbed for lesser players. If someone out there would really take players like Dennis Pitta, Jacoby Jones, and aging past stars Anquan Boldin and Dwight Freeney over players like Chris Long, Cortland Finnegan, and James Laurinaitis, please stand up so I can laugh at your ineptitude.

Friend of the site, and ESPN NFC West blogger, Mike Sando made a list of the top players in the NFC West entering a contract year. For the Rams, it's obviously Roger Saffold. Roger has had many injuries so far, and he still has a lot to prove in order to get a nice pay day.

To end I leave you with this tidbit. Chris Long is easily the most entertaining Ram on Twitter. Funny and engaging, he is a must follow (@JOEL9ONE). The battle for second place may be close to being securred. Barret Jones is deceptively funny.

How this man does not have a Twitter checkmark is beyond me.

Have a RAMbunctious day!