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No Rams Player On The NFL's Top 100 List?

The St. Louis Rams are so underrated they couldn't get a player in the NFL's Top 100 list?


The St. Louis Rams are one of the up and coming teams in the NFL. The team has some good young talent, but apparently they weren't good enough to grace the NFL's top 100 list. That's right, out of 100 players, the Rams couldn't get one on the countdown.

For those who don't know the list is made by the current players in the NFL, and the premise is that they will vote on players based on their 2012 season. If you agree with the players or if you don't, it still makes for an interesting hour. For those who want to view the whole list go here.

2012 Top 10

1. Adrian Peterson

2. Peyton Manning

3. Calvin Johnson

4. Tom Brady

5. J.J. Watt

6. Aaron Rodgers

7. Aldon Smith

8. Arian Foster

9. Von Miller

10. Patrick Willis

It was a surprise that players - like former leader of the Rams - Steven Jackson, Jake Long, Cortland Finnegan, and Chris Long weren't on the list this year, even though all four of the players mentioned were on the countdown last year.

Well, it's time to look towards the future, so here's a list of Rams that could end up on the list for the 2013 season:

James Laurinaitis- He has the stats, he has the pedigree, but he doesn't have the respect. If the Rams can become a top 10 defense next year, and Laurinaitis can make a couple of plays in big games, he should appear on the list.

Tavon Austin- Austin has an advantage over everyone on the list, he already has the buzz. Players already expect Austin to be a big time player. If Austin can return some kicks for touchdowns, and make big plays like he did in college, it will be an upset if he's not on the list.

Sam Bradford- There's always a lot of quarterbacks on the list. Why isn't Bradford? He's not really popular. The only way he will end up on this list is the playoffs. The players really don't care about numbers, well that's a part of it, but even if Bradford threw for 4,000 yards he wouldn't be on the list.

Robert Quinn- One of the best pure pass rushers in the league. Quinn finished the season with 10.5 sacks last season. He will most likely need a 13 sack season to appear on the list next year. There's a good chance that he could achieve that goal.

Jared Cook- The former Tennessee Titan tight end received a big contract this off-season. If Cook becomes the play maker that people (including me) think he can become, he should end up on this list.

Janoris Jenkins- The players will love Jenkins. Without having met him, he seems like a cool guy. If he continues building on his solid rookie season, he should end up on the list.