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Tony Softli is on the case

NFL insider or private investigator, Tony Softli's insight into the Aaron Hernandez case

It's fairly well known the NFL -- or as the true believers call it THE SHIELD -- has it's own security department. Goodell's gumshoes handle digging into player suspensions and more. Needless to say, they'll have their hands full with the Aaron Hernandez situation. Not to worry. TST has stumbled upon The Shield's chief operative: Tony Softli.

We got to see a little of his handy work on Twitter this week while the Hernandez situation developed.

A good P.I. knows when to trust his gut. Sometimes, it's all they got to go on, like when "sources" just aren't available.

But, a good P.I. is never too far from his sources, and sometimes you can even get information right off the television screen.

Every P.I. has someone out to get him, for lots of different reasons. You have to know when and how to shake them off your tail.

With Tony Softli, P.I. and NFL insider watching out for its interests, THE SHIELD should be just fine.