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The Rams have their own 'offensive weapon'

Somehow, the label "wide receiver" just isn't enough for Tavon Austin. The Jaguars created a much better one.


Slot receiver, running back, lined up outside, by now, it should be perfectly clear that the St. Louis Rams intend to use this year's first-round pick, Tavon Austin, anywhere and everywhere they can. Or, as ESPN's Chris Mortensen described it using his native snowboarder tongue, "to the max."

[extreme guitar riff plays]

Nevertheless, we're not here to pitch Austin for the next X-Games. We're here to talk about his position classification.

The Rams, ever the rule followers, have him listed at wide receiver on the official roster. That kind of misses the point. Sure, he is a wide receiver, but he's oh so much more than that too. Tavon Austin is an "Offensive Weapon."

Jacksonville, of all teams, pioneered the term, designating rookie Denard Robinson with that label. You can call it "OW" for short. Robinson, like Austin, is a bit of a do-it-all player himself. He run, he catches, and he even throws a little bit. The Jaguars coaches have made it pretty clear that they envision Robinson working in a variety of roles, though probably not much quarterback. Then again, Blaine Gabbert ...

Rams offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer has said as much for his versatile threat, drawing up any number of plays for him at a variety of locations around the field. And Austin will be on the field for a heavy dose of snaps. After all, the Rams didn't trade up to the eighth spot in order to keep the West Virginia product on the sideline deleting text messages from cousins he's never heard of.

The man is going to play. Because the man is an OFFENSIVE WEAPON.

Now, the good people at Rams Park have been awfully accommodating to our little web site (well, except for that slightly dated policy about not credentialing web-only outlets ... thankfully their offensive philosophy reflects the 21st century). However, they're not going to change Austin's position classification on my request alone.

Therefore, Turf Show Times is going to take it upon itself to make the change. From here on out, Tavon Austin will be known around these pages as the OW.

Exhibit A

Maybe watch the jump and bumps.


Then again, I never refuse the opportunity to show this GIF.