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The NFL World Goes Round and Round...

Otto Greule Jr

The NFL is an on-going storm. Whether it's a player getting nabbed for a simple off-field miscue, or as severe as Hernadez's current debacle, the NFL keeps our attention fixed throughout the dog-days of the off season. We reach longingly for every scrap of information during this "dark time". There's a player holding out during OTAs? Gimme, Gimme! I need to weigh in, or the space-time "continuous-dom" of NFL reason could fade. No, REALLY!

Don't tell anyone, but this time of year isn't something I dread. Writing hundreds of articles is both fun and daunting at times. For we of the "slow-to-grasp" ilk, the NFL off season allows for the time to gather information on the ka-jillions of rookies invading the league, and to learn where free agents landed. It's a break in the proverbial action we all need, but resist with everything fiber of our being. Assimilating all the data each season isn't easy. Take this year's Fantasy Football (FF) player rankings: There isn't a single player from last year's top 10 holding the same position this season. The #1 player last pre-season was Arian Foster. This year, it's Adrian Peterson. The top quarterback is still Aaron Rodgers, but Peyton Manning has edged up to #2, leaving Drew Brees wafting in the second round wind with Tom Brady, as they both wave to an ever-falling Matt Stafford. Steven Jackson was seen as a late 5th to 7th round pick last season, but this year he's a first rounder since he moved to Atalanta.

If you're in the planning stages of a Fantasy Football draft, you may want to take a peek at the current running back and tight end rankings. Last year, tight end was the flavor-du-jour, but not this season. Jimmy Graham holds the #1 slot, with Rob Gronkowski's stock slipping, I mean, CRASHING. Just my opinion, but have your finger hovering over the draft button if Vernon Davis is sitting there in the middle of the second round. Running backs are continuing there slide from the vogue, with Ray Rice and LeSean McCoy hitting the late 1st and middle second rounds in many Mock Drafts. Chris Johnson is experiencing an upward trend, which I find intriguing. Maurice Jones Drew is in "sell mode" for the most part, while the fuzzy "muscle hamster" in Tampa Bay is rising ever higher.

So why all the movement in these players? Hello! It's because all we have to do right now is look at stats from last season, then conjure opinions - however unreal - as to how good or bad a team looks at this stage. It's also the time where we make players into something they're not too, but we love to do this kind of thing, right?

I'm searching for a new home for TST's gigantic Fantasy league right now. It's why I seem overly aware of current FF player rankings. It also gave me my first FF headache of the year ( All Hail Tylenol!). So far, I think CBS Sports has the best FF info and analysts, but their FF boards and widgets are sub-par. Yahoo has the best boards, but they pissed me off last year, and their analysts have dropped off a notch. ESPN is too... Well, they're too ESPN, with invasive info gathering and layers to access. has decent boards, but I get the feeling their analysts are tainted by the NFL PR brush.

So give me your thoughts on a variety of issues in the comments. Who are your top 10 FF players and why? What FF venue do you like the best, and why? Brandon "DC" Bate has his hair styled like Tom Brady, so does it diminish his already suspect intellect? These are things we ALL need to know!