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Random Ramsdom 6/24: Super Moonday

Cornerback Janoris Jenkins and wide receiver Chris Givens are expected to have big years in 2013.


Good morning, Rams fans. I hope everybody is having a wonderful beginning to their summer. Enjoy the weather; it won't last forever.

July is just around the corner and, after a celebration period of holiday cookouts and fiery explosions the in the sky, teams will again meet for intense competition. Battles will be waged, unfortunate injuries will occur and victors will be crowned. That's right - training camp is coming!

Ever notice how the better your team is (expected to be), the longer it seems to take for football season to arrive?

Of course not – you’re a Rams fan and dementia in your old age has evaporated any memory of lasting success. Still, it's speculation season at it's finest, and only wishful thinking can fill the void of no football.

On to the links...

Speeding it up – Sam Bradford's "make-or-break" year could not come at a better time for the former Heisman Trophy winner. In 2013, he will work with the quickest offensive cast of his young professional career. Some are calling it a replication of Bob Stoops' Oklahoma attack.

Yahoo!: Team report - A lengthy off-season round-up with some pleasant assessments. How far has the team come since December and what will the final roster look like?

Safety competition just starting – Most fans believe they know who the opening day starting safeties will be. Holdover Darian Stewart and rookie T.J. McDonald appear the likeliest candidates, but who make up the depth of the position? Matt Daniels, an undrafted rookie from last year, has shown many flashes.

League’s most improved position groups - March and April produced an upgrade for many teams in terms of previously weak personnel. Where did the Rams improve the most?

Kaepernick throws 87 mph first pitch – Yes, Colin Kaepernick's impressively powerful arm translates well to other sports. Unsurprisingly, he also played pitcher while at the University of Nevada.

That’s it for today. Now fast forward to opening day kickoff...